40+ Unique Christmas Tree Alternatives

For your viewing pleasure, Art & Home has curated a collection of over 40 Unique Christmas Trees & Christmas Tree Alternatives to help you create your own unique take on the traditional Christmas Tree.

Years ago, I decided to forgo the traditional Christmas Tree for something a little bit smaller and more unique.  After looking at different, unique Christmas Tree alternatives, I purchased and outdoor topiary, something intended for the front porch. Bucking the intended purpose, I placed it in my front hall and then decorated it like you would a traditional Christmas Tree. The end result is a compact version of your standard Christmas Tree, still very festive… but far smaller. I get a mix of reactions to my mini tree, some think it’s perfect. Some don’t think it’s not a “real” Christmas Tree.

I will fully admit that my tree is not special enough to feature in this post, but it did make me think about other unique Christmas Tree ideas, and therefore is the inspiration for this post. Maybe, someday, I’ll add it just for reference.

Here are some of the most unique Christmas Tree Ideas I could find online.

This collection includes a wide variety of DIY and other unique Christmas trees that may provide inspiration on how to create your own unique take on the traditional Christmas Tree.

The Treeless Christmas Tree

Unique Christmas Trees | The Treeless Christmas Tree

Image Source: trajkoska.deviantart.com

This unique Christmas Tree skips the tree all together. Instead, the Christmas ornaments are suspended from the ceiling using fishing line. I love the idea of this, as long as you don’t have cats. This design and cats would be an absolute nightmare.

DIY Wall Tube Christmas Tree

DIY Wall Tube Christmas Tree

Image Source: All About Christmas

This unique DIY Wall Christmas Tree uses cut tubes of various sizes to create a wall mounted tree that holds the individual Christmas ornaments. Perfect for small spaces where it would be otherwise impossible to place a full-sized tree.  I could see variations of this with the tubs painted in various Christmas colors.

Santa Boot Advent Calendar Tree

The Santa Boot Advent Calendar Christmas Tree

Source: Balsam Hill

Exclusive to Balsam Hill, these red mini boots are festive ornaments that represent Father Christmas himself. Made from glass, each small boot is numbered and accented by a white faux-fur cuff with string ribbon. Hung on a Gold Twig Christmas Tree, they make for an amazing and festive display.

The Painted Pallet Christmas Tree

The Painted Pallet Christmas Tree

Image Source: Architecture Art Design

Another example of a flat Christmas tree.  This time, a recycled pallet has been painted and decorated to create a rustic Christmas display.

Wood & Berries Christmas Tree

Wood & Berries Christmas Tree

Image Source: Architecture Art Design

The simple design of this wood Christmas Tree is festooned with colorful berries to create a festive display. If you look closely you can see a bird, perhaps a Partridge, perched on the middle support. A very quaint Christmas Tree, perfect for a farmhouse or country home.

Wall Mounted Corner Christmas Tree

Wall Mounted Corner Christmas Tree

Source: Pinterest.com

This industrial, space saving design is simple yet effective.  It’s made out of various sized boards to create the tree form.  Holes are drilled in order to hand the lights while burying the wires behind the boards.  A fully lit “Christmas Tree” that takes up almost no floor space.

Modern Circles Alternative Christmas Tree

Modern Circles Alternative Christmas Tree

Source: Amazon.com

Easy to put up and take down, this modern take on the traditional Christmas tree collapses completely flat for space saving storage. Includes a mirror ball and spotlight to create a dazzling light show.

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

Ribbon DIY Christmas Tree

Image Source: WhipperBerry.com

This version, crafted using black and white ribbons, creates a modern, dramatic take on the traditional Christmas Tree. Check out the full tutorial at WhipperBerry.com.

Wood on Wood Lit Indoor or Outdoor Christmas Tree

Wood on Wood Lit Christmas Tree Alternative

Image Source: Pinterest

Simple, yet so effective.  A wood “pallet” background is layered with cut branches and small logs, interspersed with Christmas lights to create a de-lightful (pun intended) display. This unique Christmas Tree alternative can be used indoors or out, depending on the types of lights that you use.

Asian-Inspired Bonsai Christmas Tree

Asian-Inspired Bonsai Christmas Tree

Source: Martha Stewart

Inspired by the bonsai collection at the Arnold Arboretum in his native Boston, Martha Stewart Living’s Kevin Sharkey created this enchanting roost using an artificial bonsai that he spray painted with gold paint and then accented with glitter.

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