30+ Positively Delightful Christmas Table Settings

14 Positively Delightful Christmas Table Settings

There’s something special about this time of year, when loved ones gather to celebrate the year that has passed and get ready to explore the year ahead. When entertaining family and friends, how you serve the holiday feast is often just as impressive as the feast itself.  To that end, we’ve pulled together over 30 positively delightful Christmas Table Settings to help inspire a bit of holiday cheer, and maybe a couple of Holiday Decor ideas.

Frosted Cottage Christmas Table Setting

Frosted Cottage Christmas Table Setting

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Everything on this table looks frosty, from the white Christmas trees to the frosted gold on the wine glasses. Together, they create an elegant look on this Cottage Christmas Table.

Big Things Come in Golden Packages

Christmas Table Settings

This delightful Christmas table setting uses festively wrapped decorative boxes as the core of the centerpiece.

My Christmas Table Runneth Over

Oversized Garland Christmas Tablescape

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I love how the over-sized garland spills off the Christmas Table and pools on the floor, creating an opulent yet farm friendly tablescape.

A Traditional Red & Green Christmas Tablescape

Traditional Red & Green Table Setting

This table setting embraces the traditional green, red, and gold colors that are commonly associated with Christmas in an uncommonly delightful way.

Pretty in Pink

Pink Christmas Table Decor

For those who want to buck the traditional Green and Red, this lovely pink Christmas table setting is as charming as it is festive.

This Christmas Table Setting Looks Good Enough to Eat

Gingerbread Tree Christmas Table Setting

Source: Rare Delights Magazine

This delicious Christmas Table features individually baked gingerbread Christmas trees on each plate for a festive and edible look. Looking for more ideas featuring Gingerbread, checkout our article on Spectacular Gingerbread Houses.

Wintry Warm French Country Christmas Tablescape

Wintry Warm French Country Christmas Tablescape

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White textiles play a huge part in this delightfully wintry white tablescape. A chunky knit table runner, faux fur rug, and sheer chair slipcovers create the base, which is accented by white candles and florsted pine branches. Simply delightful.

A Slice of Rustic Charm

Christmas Table Setting Rustic Farmhouse Table

Images: Pinterest.com

Slices of natural edge wood are the backdrop for this absolutely delightful and rustic Christmas Table Setting.

Glamorous Christmas Table Setting

Glamorous Christmas Table Setting

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An elegant, deep blue tablecloth with glittery stars sets a midnight backdrop to this elegant, glamorous Christmas table.

Santa Claus is Coming to Your Table Setting

Santa Claus Christmas Table Settings

Checkout the delightfully charming Santa Suit utensil holders on this festive tablescape. Sometimes, it doesn’t take a lot to make a table setting special.  The Christmas tree made of red napkins add an extra layer of charm.

Serving Dessert on a Christmas Tablescape

Beautiful Christmas Lava Cake

Sometimes the food being served becomes part of the gorgeous Christmas tablescape, as is the case with this delicious and decadent looking molten lava cake.

The Outdoor Christmas Table Setting

Outdoor Christmas Table Setting

When and where weather permits, serving Christmas dinner outdoors is a unique and wonderful treat. But just because you’re not buried in a Winter wonderland, doesn’t mean you can’t layout an absolutely beautiful Christmas table setting.

Simply Sophisticated Christmas Table Setting

Simply Sophisticated Christmas Table Setting

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It’s the simple touches that make this Christmas table setting elegant and sophisticated.  Simple, natural bits of pine are scattered across the table and on each white place setting.  Elegant golden glasses and pine cone candle holders complete the overall look. Perfect for a sophisticated yet casual Holiday Get Together.

A Pine-tastic Christmas Table Setting

Christmas Table Settings

I love the use of nature in this delightful tablescape filled with lush green pine boughs and brilliant red berries, offset by a simple white floating candle. Wonderfully charming, and I can bet that it smells amazing!

Trucking In A Fantastic Rustic Christmas Table

Rustic Farmhouse Christmas Table

Image: Rosemary & Thyme

Love, love, love the use of the tin truck at the center of this gorgeous farmhouse Christmas table from Rosemary & Thyme.

Crisp Red, White, and Green Christmas Table from Bright Bazaar

Red & White Christmas Table Setting

Red & White Christmas Table Setting

Red & White Christmas Table Setting

Images: Bright Bazaar

The crisp contrast of traditional Christmas colors Red, White, and Green make for a lovely table. Additional details, including the folded napkin trees really pop on this delightful Christmas table.

Charming Country Christmas Table Setting

Charming Country Christmas Table Setting

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A very charming Country Christmas Table Setting featuring a red plaid table runner, a delicate garland, red candles with twig & berry accents and woven place mats.

You Know Dasher, and Dancer…

Reindeer Christmas Table Decor

A wonderful golden reindeer takes center stage in this lovely Christmas table setting. Gold and red accents abound, creating a wonderfully elegant yet relaxed dining scene.

A Subdued Christmas Table Setting

Christmas Tablescapes

This setting is far less colorful than your standard Christmas Table, with Silver, Gold, and Black playing the lead in the decor.

I love how they’ve used non-traditional ornaments, such as black and silver, to play against the vintage glassware and ornate plates. This has an old-Hollywood feel to it, a modern touch, and a bit of 80s styling. But, isn’t that what Christmas is about… several generations coming together to celebrate?

French Country Elegance Christmas Tablescape

French Country Elegance Christmas Tablescape

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Subdued colors and delicate accents help set the stage for this elegant French Country Christmas Tablescape. However, it’s the delightful Pfaltzgraff Chateau dinner plates that really steal the show.

Naturally Rustic Christmas Table Setting

Naturally Rustic Christmas Table Setting

Image Source: TLC Interiors

The perfect Christmas table if you love nature and rustic interior design, while wanting to stay away from the traditional festive colors and design cliches.

The Messy Farmhouse Christmas Table Setting

Delightful Farmhouse Christmas Table Settings

I love the natural messiness of this particular table setting.  It’s like they not only decided to accept the fact that the holidays are a hectic and messy time, they decided to fully embrace it and create magic with it.

The wool cloth, the powdered sugar sprinkled onto the rustic farmhouse table. The abandoned cinnamon stick. It makes one feel at ease, while still providing a lovely feeling of home, family, and the Christmas spirit.

An Angelic Christmas Tablescape

Delightful Christmas Cherub Tablescape

The use of tiny cherubs and other small Christmas Decor elements are paired with large decorative candles that festoon the middle of this table. The result is magical.

The Simplicity of Glowing Christmas Candles

Christmas Candles Table Decor

Sometimes, all you need is something simple. A few candles of varying sizes really set a wonderful and warm mood on this simple harvest Christmas Table.

It’s Battery-Operated Christmas Table Decor, Charlie Brown

Delightful Christmas Table Settings

Sometimes, you don’t have the luxury of real candles. Perhaps you are entertaining outdoors, where the wind would become an obstacle. Or, you have young children at the table and don’t want a table full of fire hazards. In that case, these lovely battery operated candles in a boat of Christmas ornaments and smaller lights does just the trick.

Candy Cane Christmas Table Accents

Candy Cane Christmas Table Accents 

Candy Cane Christmas Table Accents 

Candy Cane Christmas Table Accents 

Candy Cane Candle Cuff Christmas Table

Even if some of them are just Candy Cane Inspired, they are still quite lovely.

Candy Cane Inspired Christmas Table

Images: Pinterest.com

Candy Cane Inspired Red and White Christmas Table

Source: Rare Delights Magazine

You have to appreciate the creative uses of Candy Canes to help set the festive spirit at a well-decorated Christmas Table.

All that Glitters is Golden

Christmas Table Decor

I love the hint of glamour blended with a mix of vintage charm in this delightful Christmas tablescape. If you look closely, you can see some lovely additional touches, such as the snowflake ornaments placed between the dishes for an added layer of decoration.

A Forest of Gold Christmas Table Setting

Source: Decorating Files

This table explores the beauty of gold in a variety of ways, from the trim on the plates to the gold painted trees that decorate the centerpiece.

Classic Christmas Table Setting

Gold ornaments and gold-topped glasses create the perfect, luxurious touch on this delightful table.

Source: Rare Delights Magazine

None of these table settings would be difficult to recreate. With the right touches and a bit of imagination, you can create your own magical table setting to help celebrate the season.

Merry Christmas!!

All the best!

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