55 Fall Wreath Ideas to Inspire Your DIY Fall Decor

44 Fall Wreath Ideas to Inspire Your DIY Fall Decor

There is such a bounty of decor elements in the fall, and most of them can be turned into gorgeous fall wreaths to adorn your walls, your door, or anywhere you chose. We’ve gathered 44 amazing fall wreath ideas to help inspire your DIY dreams.

As the nights turn colder and the leaves start changing colors, it is often time to start thinking about fun DIY fall decor projects to help change up your decor. Fall wreaths are a fun and easy way to add a splash of autumnal decor inside and outside of your home.

These wreaths can be elegant, fun, colorful, or simple – it’s completely your choice.

We thought it would be helpful to put together a collection of unique fall wreath ideas that you could use to base your own fall decor ideas upon. From fall flowers, to colorful foliage, to harvest wreaths, to Halloween, we’ve got it all covered!

Fall is the time of the year when we celebrate the bounty of the harvest. Traditionally, this includes Harvest Festivals, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and many other celebrations around the world. Although this year may be bit different, and the gatherings may be far smaller, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy creating your very own fall wreath to help celebrate the season!

Fall Floral Wreath Ideas

This first group of wreaths are all using your traditional fall flowers (or variations on the same) to create a truly warm and wonderful display.

  • Paper Flowers Fall Wreath
  • Pastel Fall Wreath
  • Heart Shaped Fall Wreath
  • Easy DIY Brilliant Orange Fall Wreath
  • Fall Flowers DIY Dollar Store Wreath
  • Easy to Make Fall Wreath
  • Fall Straw Wreath
  • Fall Wreath with Heart Cutout
  • Autumn Wreath Green Yellow Orange
  • Halloween Pumpkin Wreath
  • Green Fall Wreath

Fallen & Found Wreaths

One of the fun things to do in the fall is to scavenge the ground for fallen leaves, pine cones, and other objects that can be turned into beautiful DIY fall wreaths.

  • Fall Maple Leaf Fall Wreath Ideas
  • Dried Corn Husk Fall Wreath Ideas
  • Pinecones and Chestnuts DIY Autumn Wreath Idea
  • Warm Orange Fall Wreath
  • Fall Bush Branch Leaves
  • Fall Treasures Wreath
  • Fall Leaves and Acorns Wreath
  • Fall Wreath Ideas - Dried Oak Leaf Wreath
  • Fall Wreath Ideas - Dried Leaf Fall Wreath
  • Rich Red Leaves Fall Wreath
  • Rustic Fall Wreath

Fall Bounty Wreath Ideas

From fruits, vegetables, nuts, and spices, these fall wreath ideas celebrate the flavors of fall.

  • Golden Yellow Fall Wreath
  • Colorful Mini Pumpkin Wreath
  • Fall Wreath with Dried Orange Slices
  • Dried Fruit and Vegatbles Wreath
  • Fall Colors Apple, Berries, and Pumpkin Wreath Fall Wreath Idea
  • Nuts and Seeds Wreath
  • Pine Cones and Fruit Wreath
  • Fall Seeds and Nuts Wreath
  • Fall Bounty Wreath
  • Acorn and Star Anise Wreath
  • Fall Twig and Nut Wreath
  • Fall Fruit Wreath
  • French Country Mini Pumpkin Wreath

Fantastic & Fun Fall Wreaths

And just when you thought that I couldn’t possibly find any more fun and fantastic fall wreaths, here are a few more. Because there’s always a lot of fun activities in the fall, this group helps celebrate those events in style.

  • Harvest Greetings Wreath
  • Halloween Wreath
  • Welcome Scarecrow Wreath
  • Happy Halloween Wreath
  • Day of the Dead Wreath
  • Hello Fall Simple DIY Wreath
  • Happy Fall Wreath
  • Indian Corn Wreath
  • Mini Terracotta Pots Wreath

And there you have it! I hope this collection of fall wreath ideas has helped inspire your creativity!

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  1. Some of these wreaths would look perfectly at home in a country setting. In country décor, wood plank floors are chosen for texture as well as comfort for the stand-up cook, and a cedar-lined hope chest that stashes board games as easily as it once did wedding linens. And what does this have to do with fall wreaths??? I’m not sure, it just made me think of that!

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