Beautiful Winter Scenes

Beauty Tuesday: Beautiful Winter Scenes

For this Beauty Tuesday, I have decided to ignore the harsh reality of ice storms, freezing cold nights, and never-ending shoveling and – instead – focus on the visual beauty of majestic Winter Scenes.

Snow Covered Branches Winter Scene

The Frozen Water's Edge Winter Scene

But, before we delve too deeply into the beauty of Winter, I feel like I should disclose something….

I am not now, nor have I ever been – nor will I ever be – a fan of Winter. I can survive it before Christmas.  But, as far as I am concerned, Winter can go back to the frozen-over hell from which it came as soon as the New Year has begun. I truly believe that this particular cartoon perfectly sums up the entire season.

Two Stages of Winter Cartoon

I state this fact only in the off chance that my personal viewpoint on winter colors my selections of winter scenes for you to peruse.

However, even I – as a Winter curmudgeon – must admit that Winter can be visually spectacular, as witnessed in these Beautiful Winter Scenes.

The Extraordinary Visual Beauty of Winter Scenes

Haunting. Foreboding. Beautiful. And Bleak. That rare combination creates unique winter landscapes that capture the eye, and the imagination.

HoarFrost Covered Trees at Dawn

Black & White Forest Path Winter Scene

Lantern in Snowbank Winter Scene

Winter Riverscape

From snow covered fields to hoarfrost coated trees to frozen riverbeds, Winter provides a feast to the senses. You can see, feel, and even – sometimes – smell the crispness of winter snow.

Winter Chapel Winter Scene

Wintry Forest Winter Scene

Snow Covered Tree in a Field Winter Scene

That first snow, where the earth gets coated in a pristine blanket of white, is truly elegant and beautiful. For a moment, you can set aside the worries about road conditions, shoveling, roof damage, and the other negatives of Winter and just enjoy the beauty of the falling snow.

Falling Snow in New York Park Winter Scene

Snow Covered City Streets Winter Scene

Rivers Bend Winter Scene

Lamp Post in Frozen Park Winter Scene

And there’s something about fresh snow on Christmas decorations that really helps set the spirit of the holidays. No need for spray-on snow when nature provides it in abundance. And perhaps, because Winter’s might tends to block out many of the world’s colors, the might of Christmas lights and decor’s determination to stand out against that blanket of white makes them all the more special.

Christmas Decorations Snow Covered Tree Winter Scene

Snow Covered Bridge with Garland Winter Scene

Winter Carnival Winter Scene

The Dangerous Beauty of Winter Storms

Even Winter storms can create beautiful, natural artworks. Trees take on an entirely different look when coated with ice, snow, or frost… even if they don’t always survive the transformation. Nature, and Winter, can be as harsh as it is beautiful.

A Damaging Winter Storm Winter Scene

Isolated Country House After a Blizzard Winter Scene

Snow Blanketed City Street Winter Scene

Despite the dangers it may bring along with it, freezing rain can create the most glorious ice sculptures out of nature.

Foggy Winter Morning Winter Scene

Ice Crystal Macro

Ice Crystals Macro

I remember one Winter, many years ago. We had just moved into our new home, and I was getting up early each morning to get the necessary materials from the hardware store for that day’s to-do list. Overnight, we had experienced a touch of snow followed by a light freezing rain.

The result was that each branch of each tree was coated with a layer of snow that had then been encased in ice. As the sun rose on my way to the hardware store, and the sunlight hit these frozen branches, the entire city looked like it had been carved out of crystal.

Blue Sky Through Frozen Trees Winter Scene

Hoarfrost Landscape at Dawn

HoarFrost Covered Tree against Blue Sky

Morning Hoarfrost Winter Scene

The Long, Snow Crawl of Winter

Winter can be long and winter can be harsh, but it can also be extraordinarily beautiful.

Nearly Frozen River Winter Scene

Wide Angle Snow Covered Trees Winter Scene

Snow Covered Tree at Sunrise Winter Scene

Chopped Wood Under Snow Winter Scene

You can almost feel the crisp in the air in some of these beautiful Winter Scenes.

Black and White Frozen Forest Winter Scene

Black Forest Village Winter Scene

Frozen Michigan Beachfront Winter Scene

Getting Out into Winter’s Natural Wonders

Whether you are the type of person who likes to get out and enjoy everything Winter has to offer, or – like me – prefer to hibernate by the fireplace until Winter is done serving up it’s plentiful bounty of cold and snow; one can still appreciate all the natural beauty of Winter.

Winter Sleigh Ride Winter Scene

Snowy Forest Path with a Bridge Winter Scene

Sunset Over Frozen Lake

Train Traveling Through Snow Covered Mountains

If these images of beautiful Winter landscapes help take the edge off the bitter cold of Winter, I will be glad that I helped ease a little bit of Winter’s grip.

Frost Snow Covered Angel Winter Scene

Lakeside Winter Sunrise Winter Scene

Frozen Road Through Wintry Forest

And Remember… even in the darkest days of Winter, you can enjoy the beauty of these gorgeous Winter Scenes knowing that – inevitably – Spring WILL arrive.

Sunrise Over Winter Road Winter Scene

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