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A series of artist profiles featuring some of today’s top artists, as well as some of history’s most famous art & artists.  

Art and Artist ProfilesThese artist profiles feature background on some of these extraordinary artists and samples from their collections.

From Canadian artist Marion Rose to famed impressionist painter Claude Monet, and so much more in between… you will find a wonderful collection of artwork and details about the artists.

We aim to cover several different artistic mediums, including painting, sculpture, stained glass, and drawing.

It may take us years to cover everything there is to show in the amazing world of art & artists, but it will be a labor of love doing so.

Feel free to browse our ever-growing collection of artist profiles, and contact us if you have a particular artist that you would like to see featured.

The Unique Aleatoric Photography of J Coleman Miller

The Unique Aleatoric Photography of J Coleman Miller

If you’re looking for a distinctive photographic perspective, look no further than the wonderfully unique aleatoric photography of J. Coleman Miller. An aleatoric composition is a unique form of art that relies on random chance to create unique pieces of beauty. Although this is often related to musical compositions, it can also be applied to …

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Daniel Grant Photography

Beautiful Toy Camera Photography by Daniel Grant

Imagine a world where a talented photographer chooses to use the cheapest camera possible because of the unique way it captures the world. You have just imagined the world of photographer Daniel Grant. Toy Camera Photographer Daniel Grant utilizes the classic toy cameras – originally produced in the 1960s as promotional give-aways, carnival prizes and …

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Express Your Love with Romantic Couple Art

Romantic Couple Art & Decor

If you’re looking for something special to help celebrate and commemorate your relationship, this unique collection of romantic couple art & decor is just the ticket. From romantic canvas art prints, to sentimental quotes, to exquisite sculptures, we’ve pulled together a collection of lovely and romantic couple art that celebrate love in all of its …

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The Fractured Beauty of Kintsugi (Kintsukuroi) Pottery

The Fractured Beauty of Kintsugi Pottery

Kintsugi pottery is a beautiful reflection of triumph over hardships, and a symbol of how beautiful we become by embracing and celebrating our past. Kintsugi (also known as Kintsukuroi) is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with gold or silver, with the understanding that the piece is not damaged, but is – in fact …

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Charles Wysocki Christmas Tapestries

Christmas, According to Charles Wysocki

It’s a Charles Wysocki Christmas! Wysocki’s beloved Christmas paintings have been lovingly woven into tapestries by the artisans at Pure Country Weavers. Even though his settings often seem all-too real, all of beloved American artist Charles Wysocki‘s paintings are considered abstracts. That is because instead of a portrait or landscape depicting actual people or actual …

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