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Eric Waugh: Larger Than Life Imitating Art

I love the artwork of Eric Waugh. As an artist, his unique creativity is truly astounding. As an artwork, these pieces create a lively and colorful focal point.

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A Montreal native (now residing in Austin, Texas), Waugh’s works have an unmistakable charm, flow, and appeal through the use of shapes, lines, and vibrant colors that are distinctly Eric Waugh.

I remember, not that long ago, an interior designer friend of mine posted an image of a recently updated master bedroom. On the wall above the headboard, I immediately spotted this bright and lively painting that blended perfectly with the modern and stylish look of the room. The contrast was perfect. The colors were perfect. And the style of the art was unmistakably Eric Waugh.

Purple and White Bedroom Redesign
Image from McCreavy Creative

There’s always a very creative flow to Waugh’s artworks. And the colors are always perfectly selected to blend with the theme, the emotion, and the viewpoint of the work. If you want something modern and crisp, with a unique viewpoint on the world around us, you don’t have to look much further than a Waugh art piece.

Not only does this make his artworks perfect for adding a pop of visual interest to a room, but it allows you to notice different details about the artwork each time you look at it. And isn’t that what great art does?

Eric Waugh Art | Jive Canvas Wall Art

Image: Jive by Eric Waugh Painting Print on Canvas

Plus, no matter what he’s painting, all Eric Waugh’s artworks exude an undeniable sense of fun. Take this Urban Trio piece as an example. You get the unmistakable feeling of being on a busy street in some urban center (perhaps it’s New York, or Maybe LA, or maybe even Waugh’s hometown of Montreal) enjoying life and the wonderful music that they’re playing.

Eric Waugh Art | Urban Trio Canvas Wall Art

Image: Urban Trio by Eric Waugh Painting Print on Canvas | Canvas On Demand

Waugh’s artistic themes embrace the excitement and energy of urban life.

Eric Waugh’s Early Career

Waugh is a self-taught artist. He started out in graphic illustration and product design before discovering his love of painting in 1988. 30 years later, Waugh can boast of having sold over 45,000 original works during his career.  That makes him one of North America’s most recognizable and collected artists.

And, looking at his paintings, you can probably understand why.

Eric Waugh Art | Checkered Guitar Jam Canvas Wall Art

Image: Checkered Guitar Jam by Eric Waugh Painting Print on Canvas

With his masterful use of vibrant colors, rich textures, and lively subject matter, Waugh’s fun yet sophisticated art celebrates life.

The Musical Influence on Eric Waugh’s Art

Eric Waugh has taken his love of Art & his love of music and has merged them on canvas and off.  Aside from the obvious musical influence in many of his artworks, Waugh has painted live at many large musical events. During these events, Waugh lets himself become inspired by live music and creates original works of art right before audiences’ eyes.

This love of music is evident in many of his pieces as well.

Eric Waugh Art | Tools of the Trade Canvas Wall Art

Image: Tools of the Trade Painting Print on Canvas

Although I think I see a small hint at what Waugh’s own personal preference in music might be.  If I was to judge solely by his painting, I would say that his taste in music leans towards Jazz. But that’s just a guess. Perhaps I am completely wrong about that….

Eric Waugh Art | Silver City Jazz Canvas Wall Art

Image: Silver City Jazz Painting Print on Canvas

Eric Waugh Art | Jazz Makers I Canvas Wall Art

Image: Jazz Makers I (Sax) by Eric Waugh Painting Print on Canvas

Eric Waugh Art | Jazz Makers II Canvas Wall Art

Image: Jazz Makers II by Eric Waugh Painting Print on Canvas

Who knows.  Maybe I’m right about his taste in music.  Maybe I’m wrong.  It could go either way, really. But if I am wrong, I will be quite surprised. Someday, perhaps, Eric himself will read this post and let me know in the comments below.

Waugh’s musically inspired artistry delights both art and music lovers alike.

Erich Waugh as the Whole Artist

Although his love of music is evident, Waugh certainly doesn’t limit himself to that one theme. Waugh’s artistic eye captures the wide (and sometimes wild) energy of urban life, including (of course) music, romance, and even pets.

His dog pop art pieces (or – as I refer to them – Pup Art Pieces) have become incredibly popular among art collectors, and dog-lovers.

Eric Waugh Art | Dog Pop Art Canvas Wall Art

Image: A sample of some of Eric’s Delightful Dog Pop Art Pieces

In general, you can tell that Waugh’s art reflects his own passions for life and the world around him.

Waugh’s charitable efforts have helped raise over $1,000,000 for worthy causes.

As you can see by that small sampling of his collection, Waugh’s artworks are uniquely his. His vision and his style is something that stands out from the crowd and can be instantly identified as his. And that – in my opinion – is always a fantastic sign of an artist who understands himself, his vision, and his art.

Even when he does something fun and playful, such as his pop art pieces, they are still very much within his style.

Waugh’s art reveals his own positive and enthusiastic outlook.

Art as a Reflection of Eric Waugh the Artist

If Art reflects the Artist’s personality, Waugh looks like he would be a fun, energetic, passionate person to be around… which is not a bad way to be thought of.

And, if I can use his own art to reflect how I feel about his art… well, somehow, that feels appropriate.

Do you enjoy Waugh’s artwork as much as I do? Let me know in the comments below!

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