Summer Home Decor Ideas

Relaxation Chic: Summer Home Decor Ideas for Your Vacation Property

Are you looking for cottage, cabin or lake house decorating ideas to help spruce up your summer home decor? If so, then look no further! There are many different ways to create an inviting feel in your summer home – here are just a few of my favorite tips!

Cottages, cabins, and lake houses are the perfect place to get away from it all and spend some time relaxing. With the right style of decor for your summer home, you can achieve the relaxation chic style that is popular in cottage country.

– Create a cottage style by using natural colors, such as greens and blues. This creates an inviting atmosphere where you can feel free to let your hair down!

– Use cottage decoration styles that have been popular for decades; these are often found in home dΓ©cor stores or on the internet.

– Frame pictures of family, friends, and their pets – particularly those where they are spending time enjoying the cottage lifestyle.

Use cottage-style dishes in your summer home for a warmer look.

Use cottage-style dishes and create a cottage-themed centerpiece to make your own cottage restaurant. This can be done by setting the table in summery colors, using flowers or other natural elements, serving items from cottage country such as wine you may have found while exploring the lakefront property around your vacation home – anything that is different than what you would normally serve at home.

Make cottage-style meals in your kitchen using fresh and seasonal ingredients. Share the recipes with family, friends, and acquaintances who have also been enjoying cottage life!

Hang cabin-style lanterns around the cottage and fireplace to make it feel like a cottage. You can also use other natural elements in your decorating as long as they are summery, such as flowers or plants with bright colors that remind you of warm days on the lakefront property.

– Create an outdoor atmosphere by setting up string lights all over your vacation home’s outside space so there is enough light for reading and playing games after sunset when it becomes dark out. Hang string lights on trees to create a summery atmosphere while you’re spending time outdoors. This will make it more like a cottage feel since lighting is often an important element of creating a relaxing atmosphere. Install solar-powered chargers if necessary to ensure this lighting continues throughout the night.

Getting Away From It All

The joy of getting away from the city is all about taking a break from yourself and your everyday life. That’s one of the main reasons you normally want your decor aesthetic at your cabin, cottage, or lakefront home to have a different look and feel from what you left behind.

The cottage style has a rustic, country feel to it. It’s cottage chic without the clutter of an old cottage!

While cabin decor could be anything from modern and minimalistic (think Scandinavia) or cozier with lots of woven throw blankets, rustic decor accents, and throw pillows, whichever you prefer.

For lakefront homes, blue is often seen as the main color because water reflects so many shades in one day that most homeowners don’t want to choose just one throughout their vacation property.

Remember to keep things a bit more casual at your vacation property. Even though today’s summer homes tend to have all of the modern conveniences, that doesn’t mean you need to have as picture-perfect a space to relax and unwind in.

If you love everything to have a stark, striking, contemporary feel at home, consider going a bit softer, with more fabrics and softer lines at your vacation property. But remember, the point is to relax – so if fabrics and softer lines stress you out, don’t go that route.

This cabin’s bright walls and white, modern furniture will make you feel like summertime is always here. But this cabin also has a few things that are decidedly not found in your average cabin – namely bold patterns on the pillows and accent rugs. The zigzag rug ties together several different colors for an unexpected pop of color against the stark gray sofa. These items would be out-of-place at home but they’re perfect to liven up any cabin!

And it’s always a good idea to keep in harmony with nature at a vacation property. You’re there – after all – to escape the concrete jungle, there’s no reason to pack it up and bring it with you.

This means you should look to the cabin’s surroundings for inspiration, rather than something as simple as a catalog.

A cabin near a forest will require woodsman furnishings and pine tree decor; one in an alpine area may call for more Scandinavian design elements like woven wool rugs, birch bark beams, and antler chandeliers. – Think about what your cabin would have been used for back when it was first built: Was it a hunting cabin? Then you might want stag mounted on the walls or animal skin pillows by the fire. Do they just seem really old-fashioned in general? Look at Victorian-era styles with heavy use of wood paneling and ornate furniture pieces that are often found in such homes from that time period.

“Stark textures can add depth and texture to any room without making it seem too busy or cluttered.”

Tammy Liemandt from Tandem Design Interiors in Denver Colorado.

When decorating your home by the lake, think serene, calming, and minimalist. Beach decor is always a popular choice because it reflects the place you’re staying, and there are so many wonderful designs and colors that can work with a beach-themed home.

You can use the colors of different countries and regions to create specific spaces in your cabin. For example, if you’re going with a beach theme, shades like turquoise are great for creating an ocean vibe.

White furniture is always a safe bet when designing a cabin because it will go with any decor style. Keep flooring simple: wood or tile work well. And consider using darker walls so that lighter-colored furniture stands out more.

I hope this article will help new vacation homeowners make their summer cabin feel perfectly relaxing! If you have any questions about how to accomplish these design tips and other interesting blogs on cabin decorating don’t hesitate to ask below. Happy exploring!

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