How to Choose Kitchen Paint Colors

How To Pick The Right Paint Colors For Your Kitchen

Choosing the right kitchen paint colors can be a difficult and daunting task. However, with some guidance and information about different color schemes and their implications on decor style, you will be able to make a tasteful informed decision.

In this post, we will discuss popular kitchen colors as well as how they play into different styles of decorating, the meaning behind certain colors, and popular color combinations that work well together.

There are many different colors to choose from, but not all of them work for every kitchen. If you want a more neutral look in your home, it is best to stick with light earth tones like cream or white that can be combined with almost any color palette. However, if you prefer bolder decor choices then brighter hues will fit into the space better.

There are many different options when it comes to kitchen paint colors, as you can probably tell when you flip through any magazine or Instagram collection. But here are some of the most popular colors that are tailor-made for kitchens.


Cream Kitchen Paint Colors

This shade evokes feelings of cleanliness and purity which makes it an ideal choice for kitchens where food preparation occurs on a daily basis or in high quantities so as not to offend anyone’s senses when they enter the room. It works very well with other bright shades such as yellow because they complement each other visually while being completely opposite from one another in terms of the color wheel.

Light Blue

Light Blue Kitchen Example

If you want to make a room feel more tranquil and peaceful then light blue is an excellent choice for your kitchen paint colors as it creates feelings of serenity, calmness, and relaxation. A beautiful blue kitchen is ideal if cooking at home is a way that you unwind after work or school each day. However, this shade will not match well with yellow because they are both high-energy hues that can compete visually within the same space without proper planning. I also love the color blue for living rooms.


Yellow Kitchen Example

The perfect shade for kitchens where food is prepared on a daily basis by professionals or those who love trying new recipes, this hue stimulates appetite so anyone entering the room will be hungry just looking at it. However, if you want to add a bold look in your kitchen without overwhelming the senses then yellow is an excellent choice for this space because it also stimulates mental activity and can help boost creativity levels.


Red Kitchen Paint Colors

If you want your kitchen to be the heart of your home then this shade is an excellent choice. It stimulates feelings of passion and excitement which makes it ideal for spaces where family and friends gather most often during meals or parties. However, because red can also stimulate negative emotions such as anger if overused in a room so try using smaller pops of this hue to create an accent wall or statement piece instead of painting the entire kitchen red.


Gray Kitchen Example

If you want your kitchen to be more formal and sleek then this is another excellent choice for paint colors because it feels elegant, stylish, modern, and sophisticated without feeling too cold like white can sometimes do. This shade symbolizes sophistication so when combined with white or cream it creates a clean and modern aesthetic that will fit into any decor style. Because of its neutral status, gray works well with just about every color out there which makes it perfect for homeowners who like changing their home décor on a regular basis by simply swapping out throw pillows and accessories.


Green Kitchen Paint Colors

This color is perfect for environmentally-conscious homeowners because it symbolizes growth and renewal which makes the space feel fresh, healthy, vibrant, lively, and balanced. This shade also stimulates feelings of serenity so anyone entering the room will immediately be able to relax if they are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out from their daily lives. In addition to these benefits, green is also an excellent choice for kitchens because it hides dirt and food residue better than other colors which can be helpful if you don’t have the time to clean as often as you’d like.

For something truly spectacular, consider the Light and Shade floral tapestry. With the right shades, it could look stunning in a green kitchen.


Pink Kitchen Paint Colors

This is another perfect color for kitchens where food preparation occurs on a daily basis because pink symbolizes love, nurturing, and comfort which can put anyone who enters the room at ease. However, this shade also creates feelings of romance so it may not be an ideal choice if you are looking to create a more formal or professional vibe in your kitchen instead of a cozy and intimate one.


Black Kitchen Example

When used in small doses, black can be a very elegant and stylish color for kitchens. It creates feelings of sophistication and luxury while giving the space a modern edge. However, because it is such a strong hue it’s important to use it sparingly or else it will dominate the room and can end up creating an uninviting atmosphere.


Purple Kitchen Example

This color can have very different meanings depending on the shade which is why it’s important to keep the undertone in mind before deciding if this hue is right for your kitchen. For example, shades of lavender are perfect if you want a space that feels calm, serene, and relaxing while hues of eggplant create feelings of mystery so they can be a great choice for kitchens that are also used as dining rooms. If you’re not sure which undertone you want then it may be best to stick with neutral colors like gray, white, or black instead.


Brown Kitchen Example

If you want to create an earthy or warm feeling in your kitchen then this color is the best option for paint colors because it symbolizes stability, structure, supportiveness, reliability, durability, endurance so anyone entering the room will immediately feel more grounded just by gazing at it. Brown also stimulates feelings of security so it is perfect for homeowners who are looking to make their kitchen feel like a sanctuary.


White Kitchen Example

This color can be used in any space where you want the decor and paint colors to create feelings of cleanliness, simplicity, minimalism because white symbolizes protection since it hides dirt very well which makes this shade appear larger than life. Unfortunately, because of its association with the concept of purity and sterility this color can also create feelings of coldness and distance so it is important to use brown or another hue along with white in order to soften up all those straight lines.

If none of these colors appeal to you or work within your existing color scheme, never fear! There are plenty more options available such as reds, oranges, blues, purples, and more. If you want to know what color will work best in your kitchen just follow these simple guidelines:

Kitchen Paint Color Palettes

Kitchen Paint Colors & Decor Options

Bright colors are perfect for kitchens with high traffic so they do not get too dirty or stained easily. People who have busy lifestyles often spend a lot of time cooking meals at home so bright shades are ideal because stains show up less prominently on them than darker hues which make cleanup easier if anything spills while cooking. However, these brighter paint colors can also be visually stimulating especially when combined with white or cream as mentioned above, but if that is something you prefer then it can certainly work well! Just make sure not to overdo the brightness factor by using multiple hues together unless they complement each other perfectly like blue and green.

Darker colors are perfect for kitchens with low traffic or those who do not cook as often because they hide dirt and stains well. If you have a family that is constantly on the go and does not have time to spend cleaning up after every meal then darker shades may be more suitable for your needs as they will require less maintenance in terms of keeping them looking clean and new. However, it is important to note that these colors can be quite heavy so if you decide to use them make sure the kitchen has enough natural light coming in so the space does not feel too cramped or dreary.

Neutrals like white, cream, and gray are perfect for any kitchen style because they can be paired with virtually any other color out there. If you want to go with a bolder look by using multiple bright hues then this is the best choice for your kitchen paint colors because it will keep everything from becoming too overwhelming and chaotic even with lots of different shades going on at once! This color palette is perfect for creating a country kitchen feel, especially with a pop of rooster decor!

Earth tones like beige, brown, tan, etc. are perfect if you love the rustic farmhouse style as these types of neutral colors were very popular in that particular décor trend. They also work well if your home already has wooden floors or other natural materials within its interior design but they can really fit into any space regardless of what else is happening around them which makes them great choices overall when picking out kitchen paint colors.

Pastel options such as pink, light blue, and lavender are perfect for those who want a more feminine or delicate look in their kitchen. These colors can also be calming and soothing if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing meals so they are ideal for people who like to cook. Just be careful not to use too many pastels at once as it may make the space feel too juvenile or whimsical.

Metallic options like silver, gold, and bronze are perfect for kitchens that have an industrial or modern vibe going on. If your appliances are stainless steel then these shades will match perfectly but even if they are not it is still possible to incorporate metallic colors into the space by using them as accents against darker hues or neutrals. And you’d be amazed at the options when it comes to kitchen wall art that can complement this sleek and sophisticated option.

A Guide for Kitchen Paint Colors by Style

Kitchen Colors by Style

When it comes time to paint your kitchen there are many factors to consider such as the appliances you have, the type of lighting you have, and the overall color scheme within your home. However, one important step in painting your kitchen is picking out paint colors that will work well with the overall style of your space. In this section, we highlight different kitchen paint colors by style so you can have a better idea of what to choose for your own kitchen!

Country Farmhouse kitchen colors: Brown, cream, and light blue.

Industrial kitchen colors: Silver, black, and white.

Girly kitchen colors: Pink, lavender, and light purple.

Classic kitchen colors: Gray, beige, and white.

Modern kitchen colors: Blue, green, and orange.

Exotic/tropical kitchen colors: Yellow and red.

Cozy Country kitchen colors: Tan, light green, and peach.

Cottage kitchen colors: Pale pink, light blue, and white.

French Country kitchen colors: Off white, pale yellow, and light purple.

Retro kitchen colors: Aqua blue, aqua green, and orange.

Mediterranean kitchen colors: Terra cotta, olive green, and dark blue.

Coastal kitchen colors: Teal, blue, and light gray.

Traditional kitchen colors: Burgundy, green, and gold.

Now that you have an idea of the different types of kitchen paint colors available to you, pick the one that you think will look best in your kitchen! You can also take inspiration from these different styles if you are trying to decide on a color scheme for your kitchen.

Do you want a bright and airy space with lots of whites and light blues? Or maybe a cozy country farmhouse kitchen vibe with earth tones and wrought iron decor throughout? How about a sleek and modern feel with metallic accents? The possibilities are endless so take your time in deciding what is right for you.

And if you still can’t decide after reading this article, then maybe it is best to go with a neutral like white or gray which will always look good no matter what!

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