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Strong, durable, classic… those are all words that are often used to describe wrought iron wall decor.

Classic yet timeless, wrought iron is an elegant choice that is equally at home in a contemporary or traditional setting.

The designs range from classic to modern to rustic, giving you plenty of options to find just the right piece for your home.

Many of these wall decor accents are durable enough that they can be placed indoors as a decor accent, or outdoors as a way to welcome friends and family to your back yard, porch, or patio.

Although the traditional wrought iron material is no longer made, the term still lives on to describe pieces that are made using low-carbon iron that has been wrought – or worked – through cutting, shaping, bending, punching, hammering, grinding and welding to create unique pieces of home decor that will become a treasure for generations to come.

Art and Home is proud to carry this wide variety of high quality-wrought iron indoor and outdoor accessories including these beautiful metal wall art pieces.

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