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5 Outdoor Decorations That Will Upgrade Your Backyard

For many homeowners, it’s easy to forget that the backyard can serve as an extension of your indoor living space. There’s so much more that you can do in the way of outdoor decorations for your backyard besides adding a few lawn chairs.

There are plenty of modern outdoor decor options available for upgrading your backyard and inspiring you to spend more time outside. Many of these decorations also come with practical benefits that make your yard a more functional space as well.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the best and most luxurious ways to decorate your backyard for next summer. Many of these options are quite expensive, but they each have the potential to transform your outdoor space into so much more than a patio with a patch of grass. In some cases, these decorations can also increase the value of your home, particularly when they’re a part of your outdoor kitchen or living room space.

Garden Fountains

Installing an outdoor fountain is one of the quickest ways to upgrade the appearance of your backyard garden or seating area. Backyard fountains are available at a variety of price points, with hardware or home supply stores offering fountains for less than a hundred dollars. However, these fountains are typically made of plastic and are significantly noisier than their more expensive alternatives. That being said, they may also be easier to replace and clean.

For some homeowners, the sounds of the garden fountain are one of the primary reasons to purchase this decor item for the backyard. If you live near a highway or busy street, you should shop for garden fountains based on their sound in addition to their design. The noises of a garden fountain often help to create a pleasant, calming atmosphere in the backyard, and for this reason, they are a quick way to upgrade your backyard. If you’re looking for a fountain that modernizes your backyard space, you may need to spend significantly more than you might at a store like Home Depot or Lowes.

The designs and build quality of a fountain from a specialized modern outdoor decor company add luxury appeal to your outdoor living spaces and are sure to inspire you and your family to spend more time outdoors in the warmer seasons. In many cases, a garden fountain also essentially serves as a backyard art piece and conversation starter. The stonework and beauty of a luxury garden fountain are typically the reasons why these fountains are especially popular. For higher-end designs, you’ll also likely need to hire an installation service for the fountain. In some cases, depending on the location of the fountain and the climate of your local area, you’ll also need to spend time each year winterizing your fountain.  

Gas or Electric Fire Pits

A luxury electric or gas fire pit serves as both an outdoor decor installation and a practical source of warmth for sitting outside late into the evening. Many homeowners use a gas fire pit as a centerpiece for their outdoor living and seating areas. And while these backyard decoration pieces are typically quite expensive, they are also beautiful. Plenty of creative designs are available for these installations, with building materials ranging from concrete to lava rock.

Maintaining a gas fire pit is simple, and there’s very little you’ll need to do to protect from freezing temperatures. It’s significantly easier to include a gas fire pit in your backyard seating area simply because it does not emit smoke. A standard fire pit often makes your lawn chairs and upholstery smell like a campfire, which can be particularly unpleasant when cleaning. Like a garden fountain, a gas or electric fire pit may require an extended installation process, particularly if you’re running wires underground. If you’re looking for a creative alternative to a gas or electric fire pit and have some money to spend, you may also want to consider an outdoor fireplace, particularly if you are building an entire outdoor living space.

Stonework Pathways

Garden pathways are a great DIY backyard project and an essential part of your backyard’s overall landscape design and are an excellent opportunity to get creative in your garden. There are plenty of styles of stamped concrete, cobblestones, and slate that are popular additions to many home outdoor landscapes. Bricks are also a popular option, as are sanded landscaping stones. In many ways, your backyard’s walkways dictate the arrangement of your garden and its level of organization. Gravel and pressed concrete can give the entire space a neat appearance, while more irregularly shaped landscaping stones set the stage for a more relaxing, quiet atmosphere.

Creative Seating Arrangements and Coffee Tables

Your patio and garden seating arrangements are easy to upgrade with modernized outdoor furniture. These furniture pieces serve as both a decorative and functional part of your backyard, so you’ll need to consider their comfort in addition to their compatibility with your other outdoor decor. You can also update your existing patio furniture with a coffee table centerpiece or an outdoor dining table. Many retailers sell patio furniture in sets rather than individual pieces. Before you buy anything, you should also make sure that the building materials for the patio furniture you’re purchasing can handle the weather conditions of your state. 

Modern Art Pieces

A sculpture or modern art piece for your yard is the ultimate decor installation for turning your backyard into a luxury outdoor living space. While these items may not serve as practical a purpose as the other items on this list, they are often the most impressive addition to your garden or patio. Make sure to choose an art piece that is more timeless than trendy so you’ll have more than just a talking point for get-togethers. Just like your furniture pieces, you will also need to make sure the art piece can withstand all weather conditions. 

5 Outdoor Decorations That Will Upgrade Your Backyard

A garden fountain, fire pit, or outdoor art installation are outstanding luxury upgrades for your backyard that are sure to transform your outdoor space. They’re also the perfect decor pieces for establishing an outdoor living space that serves as a seasonal extension to your indoor living space. You’ll be able to impress your friends and family while being inspired to spend more time outdoors.

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