Super Cute Kitten Pictures

88 Super Cute & Cuddly Kitten Pictures

This adorable collection of cute kitten pictures will help put a smile on your face, even on a Monday. If you need something to brighten your day, take a few minutes and look at these fantastic feline faces.

Not that long ago, we took a look at some really adorable puppy pictures, but one simply cannot ignore the joy that comes from looking into the face of an adorable kitten. So, to honor those tiny feline faces, we’ve pulled together a companion collection of cute kitten pictures.

I do find that people tend to fall into two categories… thy are either a dog person or a cat person. Yes, some folks are able to straddle the line across both groups and have an equal love of both these furry creatures. But you have to admit, that is not your typical stance on which four-legged-friend is YOUR friend.

Are you a dog person or a cat person? Let us know in the comments below. ↓↓↓

Personally, I tend to fall much further into the dog group than the cat camp. But even I have to admit that kittens are simply TOO CUTE. From their adorable faces, their big eyes, their playful demeanor, to their ability to melt your heart with a single meow; I’m 92.5% sure that these are some of the cutest kittens in the world.

For those who prefer their whiskers to be attached to a kitten instead of a puppy, here is my collection of some of the cutest kittens out there.

Cute Kitten Pictures To Make You Smile

Is there anything quite as angelic as the look on a baby kitten’s face? Or those kitty eyes pleading at your for love, attention, or food. They give so much and yet ask for so little.

In the dogs versus cats debate, there is much to be said. Yes, cats tend to be lower maintenance and are far more capable of taking care of themselves. However, cats also tend to be a bit more aloof than their canine cousins. But when it comes to kittens versus puppies debate, those lines blur even further. Kittens are – generally – adorable, playful, and can be quite cuddly. That is, of course, until they grow up and decide that your DIY Christmas tree or the Cat Tree you bought for them is much more fun to play with than you are.

Our Collection of Super Cute Kitten Pictures

One option would have been to simply post all 88 of these super cute puppy pictures onto the page and let you sift through them yourselves. That wouldn’t have been such a bad thing, really, because who doesn’t want to browse 88 little kitty images?

But I figured it would be fun to categorize them based on the kitty and its pose. That way, you can focus on the kind of kitten photos that you want to see OR look at them all at your own pace. This is supposed to be fun, so it’s totally up to you!

Ready to browse a bunch of cute kitten pictures? Grab yourself a latte, sit back, and enjoy!

Kittens Playing

  • Baby Kitten Sitting Up Looking Playful
  • Two Kittens Playing With Each Other
  • Two Grey Kittens Playing
  • Tiny Kitten Wants To Play With Big Dog
  • Kitten Playing in a Tree
  • Tabby Kitten Leaping in the Air
  • Playful Kitten Running in Grass
  • Orange Tabby Kitten Playing With Blinds
  • Kitten Wanting to Play With Dog
  • Kitten Playing with Leaves
  • Kitten Playing With Dog
  • Kitten Caught Playing With Pillow
  • Black Kitten Playing With Toy
  • Kitten and Puppy Playing Together
  • Grey and White Kitten Palying
  • Cute Light Gray Kitten Playing
  • Cute Kitten Wanting to Play
  • Cute Kitten Playing With Yarn
  • Cute Kitten Playing With Blue Ball
  • Cute Kitten Playing on Lawn
  • Cute Black Kitten Being Playful
  • Baby Kitten Playing

Kittens are definitely a playful lot, and seem to have endless amounts of energy. That is, of course, until they suddenly run out of energy and fall asleep wherever they happen to be.

Sometimes, they play with the things you don’t want them to play with. Such as your blinds, or the treasured objects you have on the mantle, or your Christmas tree ornaments. But that’s all part of being a kitten, isn’t it?

Scaredy Cats

  • Scared Kitten Hiding in a Paper Bag
  • Wide Eyed Kitten Looking Frightened
  • Baby Orange Tabby Kitten Looking Frightened
  • Kitten Looking Startled
  • White Kitten Looking Scared
  • Kitten Giving Scaredy Cat Face
  • Kittle Looking Scared
  • Kitten Caught in a Christmas Tree
  • Kitten Hiding Under Blankets
  • Kitten Hiding in a Box
  • Grey Cat with Big Orange Eyes
  • Frightened Orange Tabby Kitten
  • Cute Scaredy Cat

Kittens can be so expressive, especially when they are startled or frightened. It seems a little bit mean to create a gallery of images of frightened kittens, but these little scaredy cats are sooooo cute, I simply could not help myself.

Sorry about it…

Cute Sleepy Kittens

  • Sleepy Orange Tabby Kitten
  • Sleepy Kitten
  • Sleeping Kitten
  • Sleeping Kitten Wrapped In A Blanket
  • Orange Tabby Kitten Sleeping
  • Orange Tabby Kitten Sleeping In a Sweater
  • Kitten Yawning
  • Grey Kitten Sleeping
  • Kitten With Big Eyes
  • Sleepy Kitten Wearing Santa Hat
  • Kitten Under Blankets
  • Tired Orange Tabby Kitten
  • Kitten Asleep

Perhaps because of how intensely they seem to tackle life when they are awake, they also seem to be in their most adorable state once they settle in for a little cat nap.

Cuddly Kittens

  • Baby Kittens Cuddling Together in Pet Bed
  • Baby Kittens Cuddling Together in Blanket
  • Cute Kitten and Puppy Cuddling Together
  • Super Cute Kitten Looking Cuddly
  • Baby Kittens Cuddling Together in Basket
  • Orange Tabby Kitten Cuddling Under Blanket
  • Baby Kitten Cuddling with Older Dog
  • Cute Kitten With Blue Eyes Wanting Cuddles
  • Baby Kitten Hugging Other Kitten
  • Baby Kittens Cuddling Together
  • Cute Kitten Hugging a Dog
  • Cute and Cuddly Kitten

When they are not too busy playing, eating, sleeping, or exploring, kittens can – sometimes – become adorably cuddly. Sometimes that is with you, sometimes that is with their feline or canine siblings. All times, it is super cute when it happens!

Cats Eyes

  • Orange Tabby Kitten
  • Cute Kitten Staring Into Camera
  • Super Cute Kitten Picture
  • Picture of a Cute Kitten
  • Kitten With Blue Eyes Walking Through Flowers
  • cute baby kitten
  • Kitten Portrait
  • Orange Tabby Kitten Wearing White Sweater
  • cute kitten on the prowl
  • Cute Kitten Looking Up
  • adorable kittens in a box
  • adorable kitten with pink ribbon
  • Adorable Baby Kitten Giving Face

Similar to the canine world of puppy dog eyes, there is a certain quality to a cat’s stare that commands attention. It doesn’t matter if they are giving you that curious gaze, or are intently staring you down because they assume – eventually – you’ll cave to their will. Whatever look they are giving is one that only a kitten – or a cat – can truly pull off.

Even More Cute Kitten Pictures

  • white cat with blue eyes
  • Cute Calico Kitten
  • Kittens with Big Eyes
  • Cute White Kitten in Christmas Box
  • Cute Gray Kitten with Big Eyes
  • Cute Orange and White Baby Kitten
  • Cute Kitten with Toy
  • Cute Kitten With Daisies
  • Cute Kitten in Wooden Box
  • Cute Kitten in Reindeer Antlers
  • Cute Gray Kitten with Yellow Eyes
  • Cute and Soft Kitten Picture
  • Baby Kitten in a Basket
  • Adorable Kitten with Green Eyes Laying Down
  • Adorable Kitten in Long Grass

These pictures defied categorization, other than being just plain cute.

Did You Enjoy This Collection of Cute Kitten Pictures?

And there you have it, our complete collection of cute kitten pictures! And, yes, maybe one or two dogs slipped into the mix. But what can you do! Did it inspire you to adopt a kitten?

If you enjoyed this collection, please leave us a comment below and feel free to share this post with your friends!

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