99 Super Cute Puppy Pictures

99 Cute Puppy Pictures That Will Make Your Day

Having a rough day and need some puppy therapy? Browse this wonderful collection of 99 super cute puppy pictures that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Puppies, puppies everywhere. If you love looking at pictures of cute dogs then this list was made just for you! From tiny teacup breeds to huge standard dog breeds like Saint Bernards and Dobermans – every type of puppy imaginable is included in this collection.

So go ahead and check it out now by scrolling down to see each collection. Trust me though… even if these photos don’t give you all the feels (which would be impossible), I’m sure there will still be plenty more where those came from so make sure to keep reading until the end!

But – if you’re more of a cat person, perhaps you should check out the collection of super-cute kitten pictures instead?

There’s something I like to refer to as Puppy Therapy, which can turn around practically any day. After all, who can stay grouchy when those adorable puppy dog eyes are staring at you with nothing but love?

Granted, getting a puppy means having to puppy proof your home, train the puppy, groom the puppy, clean up after the puppy, and do all of the other work that comes with owning a fur-baby. And don’t forget about the EXPENSE! Between the decorative dog crates, dog toys, puppy food, pet products, vet bills, and more… puppy love is not cheap! I know this all too well, having welcomed Charlie, the Art & Home Office Dog, a little over a year ago. And, yes, Charlie has his very own Instagram!

Charlie the Dog on Instagram

Puppy pictures can brighten anyone’s day.

If you don’t have an adorable puppy of your own to help ease your troubled soul, take heart. I have collected a pound of puppy pictures that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Some of these are so cute that I want to print them off and hang them up as puppy art for my home!

Our Collection of Super Cute Puppy Pictures

One option would have been to simply post all 99 of these super cute puppy pictures onto the page and let you sort them out all by yourself. After all, who could possibly complain about having to browse through nearly 100 little doggy images? And if you get hungry while browsing, you can bake up a batch of these adorable Corgi Butt Buns to snack on!

But I decided, instead, to roughly categorize them based on the puppy and its pose. That way, you can focus on the kind of puppy photos that you want to see OR look at them all at your leisure. This is supposed to be fun, so it’s totally up to you!

Ready to browse a bunch of pictures of baby puppies?

Playful Puppy Pictures

  • Playful Corgi Puppies
  • Puppy Running on Rug
  • Two Puppies Play Fighting
  • Cute Puppy Running Through Grass
  • Puppy Playing Tug of War
  • Puppy Playing With Kitten
  • Bulldog Puppy with Chew Toy
  • Puppy Running Across Lawn
  • Puppy Playing With Tennis Ball
  • Puppy Playing With Chew Toy
  • White Siberian Husky Puppy with Green Balloon
  • Cute Puppy Covered In Paint
  • Puppy Playing Catch with Tennis Ball
  • Bulldog Puppy Running

These pictures focus on what puppies do best – play! I think watching puppies play has a wonderful sense of nostalgic charm because we all remember playing with a puppy or two when we were younger and more carefree.

There’s just something so innocent and fun about watching puppies play. Suddenly all the stress from work, family problems, or anything else in your life seems to melt away as you look at them romping around with each other.

So let yourself be whisked back to a time when everything was simpler by looking through these super-cute pictures of puppies playing! I promise that they’ll put a smile on your face no matter what mood you’re in right now.

And if picture after picture doesn’t do it for you then take comfort knowing that this is only part one of many more puppy pics and we have even cuter photos waiting for you below! So, keep scrolling because there is still more cuteness to come!

Sleepy Puppy Pictures

  • Bulldog Puppy Sleeping Under Blankets
  • Cute Puppy Sleeping in Dog Bed on Back
  • Cute Puppy Sleeping on Back
  • Two Puppies Sleeping Together
  • Dachshund Puppy Sleeping With Baby
  • Cute Puppy Sleeing in Bed
  • Sleepy Puppy
  • Puppy Sleeping With Paws Up
  • Picture of Cute Puppy Sleeping
  • Lab Puppy Cuddling with Teddy Bear
  • Happy Puppy Sleeping With Teddy Bear
  • Cute Picture of Puppy Sleeping

Few things in this world are quite as cute as a sleepy puppy. Part of that charm is, of course, that they look absolutely precious in repose. The other part, I believe, is that puppies are so easily awakened that you know this moment won’t last very long. Perhaps that’s part of what makes these puppy photos so amazing.

I’m sure that after looking at these pictures of puppies sleeping next to other animals or even in funny positions then your day won’t seem quite so bad anymore either. And if going through all of these sleepy puppy pics doesn’t help improve your mood then feel free to check out the puppy bath time photos below!

Puppy Bath Time

  • Soaking Wet Puppy During Bath Time
  • Puppy Wrapped Up After Bath Time
  • Puppy Peaking Over Side of Bath Tub
  • Puppy Not Looking Happy at Bathtime
  • Puppy Covered in Soap Bubbles
  • Puppy Bathtime
  • Pomeranian puppy taking a bath
  • Lab Puppies in a Bath
  • French Bulldog Bubble Bath
  • Bulldog Puppy After Bathtime
  • Two Puppies in a Wood Bath
  • Soapy Puppy in Outdoor Bath

Could I really do a collection of doggy photos without at least a handful of that hilarious yet dreaded puppy bath ritual? You know the one… where you end up getting just as wet and soapy (if not more so) than the puppy does? I didn’t think so.

Yes, given your puppy a bath is something all pet owners have to do at some point, and it’s usually just as much fun (sarcasm intended!) for the person doing the cleaning as it is for the puppy who is getting scrubbed.

At least bathing puppies is easier than trying to wrangle a full-sized, adult dog into the bathtub. So why not look through these adorable puppy photos while feeling grateful that they can in now way, shape, or form end up escaping the tub and run through your house full of water and soap bubbles.

Dressed Up Puppies

  • Puppy Dressed as a Cool Cat
  • Puppy Wearing Witch Halloween Costume
  • Puppy Wearing a Purple Dress
  • Puppy Wearing Glasses
  • Puppy in a Fancy Knit Sweater
  • Small Puppy in Hand-knit Sweater
  • Santa Puppy Outfit
  • Puppy with Fancy Lace Collar
  • Puppy Wearing a Fancy Hat
  • Puppy in a Straw Hat With Flower

Some people love dressing up their puppies in funny costumes. I can understand why, but I can also understand why some puppies want nothing to do with this ridiculous human obsession with clothing. I mean, who can blame them? It’s bad enough that we make them dress up in ridiculous clothes but then we also expect a good photo op?! That’s just too much pressure for any animal to handle.

And yet here these poor pups are dressed up as everything from witches to ballerinas, and – of course – Christmas puppies! But don’t worry… they didn’t put this silly outfit on themselves so at least there’s no shame there. I’m sure their owners tried hard to convince them that it would be fun or maybe the pooches eventually gave into peer pressure since all of their friends were doing it (I guess).

Funny Puppy Pictures

  • Puppy with Dandelion
  • Smiling Puppy
  • Siberian Husky Puppy Picture
  • Puppy Giving Funny Look
  • Panting Puppy
  • Happy Puppy
  • Goofy Puppy
  • Cute Puppy Sitting Up Begging
  • Cute Puppy Giving Funny Look
  • Puppy With Chewy Bone
  • Cute Happy Puppy
  • Daschhund Puppy Winking

Goofy, grinning, goobers who absolutely lovable. These are the #NoFilter doggy photos that show just how little puppies care about how they look on Instagram. If you are not smiling ear to ear by the end of this collection, you are having a worse day than I thought!

Grumpy Puppy Pictures

  • Very Grumpy Puppy
  • Puppy Looking Grumpy and Tired
  • Soaking Wet Puppy Not Looking Happy
  • Grumpy Bulldog Puppy
  • Cute Grumpy Puppy
  • Sad Puppy
  • Cute Husky Puppy Photo
  • Cocker Spaniel Puppy Looking Sad
  • Grumpy Puppy Wearing a Hat
  • Very Grumpy Bulldog Puppy

As a last-ditch effort to cheer up even the grumpiest among us, here is the “Misery Loves Puppy Company” collection. These puppies are probably as grumpy as you were before you started reading this post. Or maybe they just look that way. After all, bulldogs seem to be born with that Resting Grumpy Face that is so adorable!

But there’s something heartwarming about pictures of baby puppies who don’t look like they’re having the best day of their lives. Maybe you can find a smile or too by thinking to yourself “it could be worse.”

Puppies Giving Puppy Dog Eyes

  • Sad French Bulldog Puppy
  • Unhappy Puppy

There’s a reason this particular expression exists. Puppies are the absolute best at giving that look at says “You have absolutely no choice but to obey my will, and you’re going to be super happy about it!”

That’s really all there is to say about this collection of photos. It’s just a bunch of dogs who know exactly how cute they are and aren’t afraid to use it!

And More Just Plain Cute Puppy Pictures…

These ones didn’t fit neatly into any particular category of puppy pictures, but they were too cute not to include.

And They Call It Puppy Love!!!!

And there you have it, our complete collection of puppies! And, yes, maybe one or two older dogs slipped into the mix. But, to me, all dogs are puppies… even the really old souls!

Why did I spend this time collecting nearly 100 super-cute pictures of puppies? Because, when you look at one, it is basically impossible to not smile.

They’re just so adorable that they can’t help but make your day better! Every single dog on this list will put a smile on your face. So feel free to take advantage of it whenever you need some pet therapy or simply want something good for your mood.

Did you know that looking at puppies can actually be good for your health? Studies have shown that looking at cute animals reduces stress and anxiety. So why not look at some of the most adorable dogs ever to reduce stress and improve your mood? It’s like getting a free puppy therapy session without even having to leave home!

Puppies are adorable, and it’s hard not to love that about them. It is like they were made for the sole purpose of making us happy with their cute little faces and wagging tails. But what happens when you love cuteness so much that you want to take it one step further? Well, if you are an art lover you can even turn your favorite pet photos into art for your home!

Once again, I hope this post puts a smile on your face as much as it did mine when I was making it. Enjoy these super-cute pictures! And feel free to share them with others so they also get their own dose of pet therapy and happiness in one single click.

If you know someone who could use a bit of a pick-me-up and would enjoy looking through these wonderful photos as much you did then please share them with someone else too!

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