Beauty Tuesday: Beautiful Bedrooms

Beauty Tuesday: Beautiful Bedrooms

This week’s Beauty Tuesday focus is on Beautiful Bedrooms. Helping you find Bedroom furniture & decor inspiration from this curated collection of Beautiful Bedrooms is our goal!

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Beautiful Modern Gray Bedroom

Beautiful Modern Gray Bedroom

I love the textured wall treatments in this place.  From the concrete block on one wall to the upholstered paneling behind the bed, to the white, wavy formed textures on the side wall. There’s so much to look at in this room, even though everything seems so clean and simple.  Plus… the dog is SOOOO cute!

Warm & Rich Traditional Bedroom

Wesleyan Traditional Panel Bed

Image: Wesleyan Panel Bed

For me, part of the appeal of this room is the pops of color provided by the framed artwork on the wall.  The rest of the room provides a warm, rich, and comfortable elegance that creates a wonderful balance.

Sleek and Stylish Black & Gold Apartment Bedroom

Sleek and Stylish Apartment Bedroom

Hollywood Glam meets Industrial slickness in this wonderful black and gold apartment bedroom. Slim lines of the furniture help maximize the space while dramatic colors and patters maximize the design impact.  And, yes, the roses on the bed maximizes the romance factor. Somebody knows how to make a bedroom sexy!

Old & New Combine in This Classic Bedroom

Classic Bedroom with Night Watch Color of the Year

Image Source: PPG Paints

I love the fact that this bedroom combines classic furniture with PPG’s 2019 Color of the Year, Night Watch. The bedroom area remains crisp and white to provide contrast against the antique, solid wood bed. The sitting area employs use of the newest color of the year, 2019’s Night Watch. I also love the natural wood trim around the windows that connects with the wood bed frame. Simply beautiful!

Beautiful Cozy Winter Retreat Bedroom

Beautiful Cozy Winter Retreat Bedroom

I feel like I could easily curl up inside this room and hibernate until Winter is done.  The rich textiles, warm and earthy tones, and the beautiful Persian rug combine to create a delightful retreat away from the cold winter night that lurks outside the window.

Modern & Functional Lit Storage Bed

Image: Widener Upholstered Panel Bed

The headboard steals the show in this modern bedrom. The Widener Upholstered Panel Bed in undeniable modern and completely elevates the room, not only because of its style but also because of its unique functionality. Built into the bedroom is touch lighting that showcases your stored items along the brick style headboard. There’s even built-in USB charging stations. How’s THAT for modern convenience?

Classic, Masculine Canopy Bedroom

Edmore Upholstered Canopy Bed

Image: Edmore Upholstered Canopy Bed

There is something about a canopy bed that is undeniably elegant, and this bedroom is absolutely no exception to that rule. This version, with the tufted leather headboard and solid yet intricately carved posts, has a solid masculine feel that would perfectly suit a master bedroom.

Beautiful Asian Inspired Paneled Bedroom

Beautiful Asian Inspired Paneled Bedroom

Ultra-clean lines abound in this Asian-inspired paneled bedroom. The bed is low to the ground and fully surrounded by the natural beauty of wood. And LOTS of light, creates a bright, welcoming space to relax and unwind.

Unique Solution to Floor to Ceiling Windows in a Bedroom

Unique Solution to Floor to Ceiling Windows in a Bedroom

Image Source: Home DesignWare

I love what they’ve done in this bedroom to deal with the floor-to-ceiling windows.  The upholstered divider panel is used to reduce, but not eliminate, the natural light flowing into this room. The bold tree patter with multi-colored birds really plays off the red upholstery behind the bed. Simple, clean, but bold at the same time.

Elegant Neutral Tones Bedroom

Image: Modloft Prince Upholstered Leather Platform Bed

The sleek elegance of the leather platform with a tall but subtle headboard, a low profile base, and chrome feet.provides a crisp, clean look look. Offset with warm brown furniture and deep grey rug, this room is classically neutral, but with a modern & sophisticated flair.

Travel Inspired Bedroom

Travel Inspired Bedroom

There’s something about following a theme that can make some of the most beautiful bedrooms! I love the travel theme in this bedroom, from the throw pillows to the art work.  The touch of red both in the accent panel behind the bed and the red ficus in the corner really pops, and gives me the feeling of street-side cafe in Paris.

Industrial Loft Bedroom

Dark Gray Painted Bedroom Brick Wall

Taken from our recent post on 50+ Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone, this open-concept industrial loft bedroom features stone walls painted a deep, dark gray offset by a white minimalist platform bed. The palette is muted, but very comfortable.

Shop the Look: A Beautiful Traditional Bedroom

Beauty Tuesday: Beautiful Bedrooms

Shop the Look >>

The inviting and lush richness of this bedroom is impeccable. From the stunning upholstered panel bed to the Wingback arm chair in the corner, every opulent piece of this bedroom is stunning. Shop the looks of this and other Beautiful Bedrooms at

Inspiring Your Beautiful Bedrooms

We hope this piece has helped inspire some beautiful creations. Whether you’re working on your master bedroom, the kid’s bedroom, or a guest bedroom, all you need to create beautiful bedrooms is a bit of inspiration, a bit of imagination, and a whole lot of cash… umh… I mean “perspiration”.

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