You Can HEAR the Difference Tapestries Make

Acoustic Qualities of Tapestry Wall Hangings

Beyond Their Visual Beauty, Tapestries Also Provide an Acoustic Benefit.

Have you ever walked into a completely empty room?  I mean completely empty, down to the hardwood or tile floors? You can hear how different a round like that sounds.

Add some carpeting and some furniture, and the sound in the room changes.  Noises are absorbed by the textures and echoes are softened, creating a more comfortable acoustic environment.

Acoustic Qualities of Tapestry Wall Hangings

That is one of the other advantages that wall tapestries have over conventional wall art, including framed prints… and particularly framed prints behind glass. The woven fabrics of tapestry wall hangings act like the other fabrics in the room, reducing the reflection of sound and softening the acoustic atmosphere.

Tapestries can also make up for other acoustic elements that might be missing.  For example, if you have leather furniture, hardwood floors and solid wood tables, the addition of a tapestry can add a much needed sound-absorber into the room.

Will tapestries make a room soundproof???  No, they will not.  But – really – that’s not their intention.  They will, however, improve the quality of the sound in a room, assuming – of course – that you’re not actually trying to achieve echoey, booming sounds in your living space.

Ironworks Tapestry Wall Hanging

Perhaps it is time to to add a tapestry wall hanging to your home.

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