Equestrian Decor Leaps Into More and More Homes

Equestrian decor leaps into more and more homes.

Whether it is because of their admiration of the animals themselves, or because of the rustic or western “homey” feel of many horse-themed decor pieces, equestrian decor can be found in more and more of today’s homes.

The combination of the regal imagery of majestic horses, with unique artistry, make some of these equestrian decor pieces must-haves, and not just for country homes.

But gone are the days of this style of decor including basic horseshoes and a bunch of framed photographs of horses. Clever decorators are finding new and unique ways to incorporate this majestic animal into the overall theme of their decor.

From horse-themed figurines or pottery to furniture or decor accent pieces made of steel, wrought iron – even lighting products – you can find something unique and wonderful that ads a gorgeous touch of decor to any home.

In fact, equestrian decor can follow us throughout our entire lives, from the rocking horse and western-themed blankets we enjoy as children to more mature pieces. 

These pieces also make great horse themed gifts for the equestrian in your life!  At Art & Home, we’ve curated a unique collection of some of the Equestrian Decor, from some of the best online retailers, distributors, and manufacturers of stunning home decor products.

Equestrian Themed Tapestry Wall Hangings

Tapestry wall hangings are a classic choice for any home. The combination of the warm, rich colors and the miles of woven yarn make these heirloom pieces perfect for a country home.

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Equestrian Throw Blankets

Woven throw blankets are a warm and wonderful addition to the home. Not only do they serve the functional purpose of keeping you warm and cozy on a cold winter's night, but the designs, patterns, and colors can create a beautiful accent piece for the living room, den, or bedroom.

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Equestrian Metal Art

Metal wall art is a versatile decor accent that can add a touch of charm and unique designs to the home. Often crafted using laser-cut steel, these pieces can be simple, yet effective ways to add a touch of equestrian decor to the home without being overwhelming.

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Equestrian Canvas Wall Art

Another great way to add some equestrian decor to your home is with beautiful canvas wall art pieces. The great thing about canvas art is that the ranges of available styles, colors, themes, and images are practically endless. Here are just a few of our favorite pieces.

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Whatever your reason for adding equestrian home decor, and whether you go for a few accent pieces or an entire theme, you can be assured - with the recent growth of equestrian decor available - that you will have plenty of decorative items available.

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