Simple touches can give your home a seasonal update

Easy Ways to Add Seasonal Decor To Your Home

As fall approaches, it may be time to rethink your interior decor to keep up with the changing seasons. Here are some fun and easy ways to add some seasonal decor to your home without breaking your back or the bank.

Some simple touches can help bring the spirit of each season into a home, helping you celebrate the change in time and temperature, as well as the stunning colors brought by autumn’s approach.

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year. Although I am a fan of summer, especially during BBQ season, there is something so lovely about the burst of warm, natural colors that fall provides. Plus, it’s a great time to break out one’s craftiness by creating some beautiful DIY fall decor. And, of course, there’s Halloween, which brings with it the Halloween decorations, pumpkin carving, and watching scary movies after the sun has gone down.

How to Add a Touch of the Fall Season To Your Home

Whether it be fall, winter, summer, or spring, you don’t have to go overboard with the seasonal decor in order to add a touch of that season to your home. You can if you want to (I wouldn’t blame you at all if you did), but there are some easy ways to add a hint of the seasonal decor palette & textures to your home.

This is especially the case with the fall season. The autumnal bounty gives us so much to choose from when it comes to decor options, so it’s not hard to find just the right element to add to your home.

There are the traditional symbols of fall that can easily be added to any home, including small pumpkins and gourds, dried corn, and colorful leaves. Other, less traditional decor accents can include a woven or wicker basket filled with fresh apples (reminiscent of storing apples for the winter).

Simply adding some twigs (easily found in any wooded location) in a wreath or displayed in a vase, gives a clean, warm look. However, within anything found in nature, make sure to inspect it and treat it for potential infestations before bringing it into the home.

DIY Fall Decor Ideas

88 Awesome DIY Fall Decor Ideas for the Home & Garden

Almost anything can be used to create a wonderful fall display. Harvest vegetables, wheat stocks, and deep green accents will almost make for an interesting autumnal display. And, of course, there are those stunning fall moms that come in colors and hues that are perfectly autumn.

The cooler temperatures always inspire us to bring the warm colors indoors, with yellows, browns, reds and oranges dominating the fall color palette.

Fall Wreaths

55 Fall Wreath Ideas to Inspire Your DIY Fall Decor

A quick and easy way to add a touch of fall decor is through a beautifully crafted fall wreath. These can be hung on the front door of your home, to help great visitors. Or, you can hang these inside where you can enjoy them all the time, not just when you’re coming home.

You’ll see some similar themes when it comes to colors and materials as would be used in the DIY fall decor ideas. The only difference with these ideas is that they are all intended to be displayed on (or – at least – near) a wall or door.

Seasonal Displays & Tablescapes

Beautiful Fall Decor Ideas

For those who really want to put on an autumnal show, you can create a beautiful display or tablescape that brings together a variety of seasonal elements and presents them in one beautiful collection.

What I love about these kinds of displays and tablescapes is that they are relatively easy to put together using a variety of objects and don’t take a lot of crafting skill. With the right materials, and about an hour’s worth of your time, you can transform your hall table into an autumnal harvest display.

And it’s just as easy to take it down when it’s time to create your Christmas table display!

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