Cool DIY Projects for Your Backyard, Patio, or Garden

Best DIY Projects for Your Backyard, Patio, or Garden

Looking for DIY Backyard Ideas? Art & Home has curated a collection of 45 of the very best DIY projects for your backyard, patio, or garden.

Puttering in the garden is one of my favorite things to do, when the weather allows. I love planting things and watching them grow and mature into beautiful plants and flowers.

But there is more to a garden than just the greenery, and this collection focuses on some unique DIY Backyard Ideas to add something truly special to your yard, patio, or garden.

Curated from some of the brightest minds on the Internet, this collection of DIY Backyard Ideas & Projects provides tips & how-to tutorials as well as offering some design inspiration and project ideas. Some of these projects will take a certain level of skill to recreate. Others are so easy that even I could do them.

We hope you find this collection inspiring! And feel free to let us know which you think is the very best of the best DIY Backyard projects in the comments section below.

DIY Spiral Rock Garden Path

DIY Backyard Ideas | Spiral Rock Path

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An intricate and elegant addition to your yard, if you have the time and the patience to do it right!

Found on Pinterest

Another beautiful example of an intricately created path using pebbles.

DIY Mosaic River Rock Garden Path

Found on Pinterest

And one more unique river rock and pebble garden path, just for good measure!

Every purchase pays an artist

A Literal Garden Bed

A Literal Garden Bed

I love it when people do the unexpected. In this case, they have created a literal garden bed, complete with a headboard and end tables. So unique!

DIY Vertical Herb Garden

DIY Backyard Ideas | Vertical Herb Garden

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The challenge with Herb Gardens in the ground is two-fold. Firstly, some of these herbs (let’s take mint as an example) are invasive species and can end up spreading and taking over your entire herb garden, and then the lawn, and then the neighbors lawn.

By keeping them contained (pun intended) in this DIY Vertical Herb Garden, you get a lovely garden accent and access to fresh herbs all summer long.

DIY Backyard Checkers Game Board

DIY Backyard Checkers Game Board


A great idea for creating a fun conversation piece in the backyard. All you need are patio stones in two colors (lite and dark gray were used here), and something you can use as the back and white checkers that is weather resistant and light enough to move.

If you want to go smaller and simpler, consider this same project for a Tic Tac Toe board!

DIY Sunken Fire Pit

DIY Backyard Ideas | Sunken Fire Pit

Found on Pinterest

This easy-to-build fire pit gives you all the beauty of a beautiful fire on a Summer evening, with the added advantage of being flush to the ground.

It looks far harder to make than it actually is, in fact… all the instructions you need are shown in the image. Just dig a circle a little bit wider than you want the finished fire pit to be.

Lay some gravel in the bottom and bricks around the rim. Lay flagstones around the outside and – voila – you’re done.

Depending on the outdoor burning regulations in your area, you may need to purchase a fire pit screen to place on top.

Upcycyled (Pun Intended) DIY Bicycle Planter

Upcycyled (Pun Intended) DIY Bicycle Planter

Found on Pinterest

Have an old bicycle sitting in the garage taking up space? Spray paint it white (or whatever color you desire) and add some matching white flower baskets everywhere you can fit one to create this showy display.

In Case of Zombies DIY Tool Rack

DIY Backyard Ideas | In Case of Zombies DIY Tool Rack

Found on Pinterest

All you need is some vinyl outdoor lettering and some tool hooks to create this fun way to store your tool in case of zombies, or – you know – yard work.

Colorful DIY Hopscotch

Colorful DIY Hopscotch

Found on Pinterest

Pick up some patio stones from the local garden center and paint them in a mix of lively colors to create this colorful DIY Hopscotch game.

Small DIY Greenhouse from Old Windows & Table

DIY Greenhouse from Old Windows and Table

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If it’s time to upgrade the windows in your home, don’t let those classic windows end up in a landfill, use them to create this fun backyard DIY greenhouse instead!

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