Turning Your Pet Photos Into Art

How to Turn Your Favorite Pet Photos into Art

Combining your love of your pet with your love of home decor can be easier than you think. With a few tricks and some outside help, you can create a beautiful piece of Pet Photo Art that is worthy of displaying in your well-appointed home.

Often, personal items such as family (or pet) photos are at odds with an otherwise well-decorated home. But with 3 easy and fun steps, and a couple of photo editing hacks, you can turn your precious memories into decorative accents that everyone can enjoy.

How to Turn Your Favorite Pet Photo into Art

Turning your favorite pet photos into art is as easy as….

Step 1: Pick Your Favorite Pet Photo

The first step is to decide which picture of your four-legged-family-member that you want to start with. Of course, this might change later… but you have to start somewhere.

For the purposes of this part of the tutorial, I’ve selected this cute picture because I think the composition would lend itself nicely to some artistic treatments.

How to turn your pet photos into art

But what you pick as a starting point is completely up to you.

Step 2: Stylize it Using Photo Editing Tools

This is the fun part! You get to take that photo and do all kinds of fun things to it until you find the right artistic version of the picture that you would want to frame and hang in your house.

You don’t need a fancy photo-editing software program like PhotoShop, there are plenty of apps out there that can turn your photos into art.

Here are just a few of the first version that I created while playing with this photo. As you can see, the options are fairly extensive.

Additional Pet Photo Art Examples

Here are a few examples of some finished Pet Portraits for inspiration purposes.

Some have been tweaked slightly to give an artistic feel, while keeping a majority of the original picture intact. Others have been completely retouched and turned into something different.

Step 3: Print & Frame

Once you’ve picked your final image, the next step is to decide how you want to print and – if you so desire – frame it.

You can either print it yourself on some hiqh-quality paper or photo stock, or use a local poster printing service such as the one offered by Staples to print out your completed artwork.

An 18 x 24 print will typically cost you around $15, or a 24 x 36 would be just about $30.

Pet Photo Art Poster Print

Another option with your pet photo art – assuming the budget and the desire to go completely artistic exists – is to print your pet portrait on stretched canvas.

All you have to do is upload the file that you created into a site like CanvasPop, pick the size of the print you want, your framing options, preview how the finished artwork will look and – if you’re happy with the finished result, order it and have it delivered to your home.

This is the more expensive route of printing, and your finished and framed 36″ x 24″ artwork would likely cost around $200 – $250.

Pet Photo Canvas Art Print

Loving Your Pet, Loving Your Art

Whichever way you choose to print and frame your new pet photo art is up to you, but – when you’re done – you’ll have a custom piece of art that celebrates the love you have for your pet as well as your personal decor style.

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4 thoughts on “How to Turn Your Favorite Pet Photos into Art”

  1. Hi do you know of any apps that would turn a photo of a pet dog into a stained glass effect with a stained glass background as well? Thanks

    1. I believe Photoshop can do that, but I’m sure there are a lot of photo editing software options that offer a Stained Glass filter.

  2. So nice! Which tool did you use for the black and white picture where the dog’s profile is shown with a light behind it?

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