cottagecore decor ideas 2021

Cottagecore Decor Movement: Rustic Chic Decorating Ideas

The cottagecore movement is a relatively new design trend that focuses on rustic chic decor. It blends the old with the new and embraces cottage-style décor to create cozy spaces. With its roots in Scandinavian design, cottagecore has been gaining popularity among homeowners and interior designers alike for years.

Many cottagecore design tips focus on creating an easy-breezy look that is casual and comfortable without being too over the top.

This cottage style of decorating originates with the English countryside, where farmers and other rural residents lived in homes that were often described as “cozy” or “snug”. The look has evolved over the centuries to include many different styles of decor.

Today, cottagecore is a unique blend of rustic elements with modern touches for cozy spaces without too much clutter.

Cottagecore Kitchen Decor

There are so many ways to create cottage-style rooms at home! You can start by choosing colors like cream and grey as well as patterns such as plaids and florals – they will all help you achieve cottage-style décor effortlessly! With these key elements in mind, let’s take a look at some examples of cottage decor styles.

Cottagecore Decor Elements

When thinking about cottagecore elements, we can think of a few key components, all with nature and vintage elements at their core.

Floors & Tables

Think wooden floors with area rugs in neutral colors like beige or grey for one part. For another element, choose rustic tables made from natural materials such as wood and stone to add visual interest to your space. The use of shabby chic furniture pieces will also help you achieve the cottage look more easily than ever before!


Another cottagecore element that is important to consider is lighting. One way of achieving a “cozy” feel in your space would be through the use of lamps with linen shades and candlelight for those dinner parties or movie nights at home! You can also try overhead lights, as they are often overlooked when it comes to design choices but have so much potential.

Cottagecore Textiles & Curtains

Textiles & Curtains

Another idea for cottagecore textiles would be plaid rugs or other textiles that add warmth to cold floors as well as cozy window coverings such as curtains made from soft materials like cotton or wool for yet another element of cottage decor. The use of lace trims adds an extra feminine touch which balances out the rusticity found elsewhere in these spaces.

Colors & Patterns

Finally, think about using soft colors like cream and grey as well as patterns such as plaids and florals – they will all help you achieve cottage-style décor effortlessly!

Wall Decor

Cottage decor is all about personalization and taking inspiration from the cottage style while making it your own! For this reason, wall décor can be a great way to add cottage elements without going overboard. Wall art in neutral colors like grey or cream with rustic frames will fit perfectly into any cottage-style room easily.

Cottagecore Bedding and Pillows

Bedding & Pillows

Cottage decor is often about the bedding and pillows you choose for your bedroom. Think of natural fabrics like linen in cream or grey with plaids or florals to achieve cottage-style décor effortlessly!

It’s easy to see how cottagecore has become such a popular design choice when it comes to creating cozy spaces without too much clutter at home. While there are many ways that homeowners can embrace this style through color, pattern, texture, and space elements – they all revolve around one universal theme: comfort.

Cottagecore Decor Styles

Cottagecore Decor Styles

When thinking about cottagecores styles, we can think of a few main categories: Scandinavian Cottages, Bohemian Cottage, Englishside Style & Coastal Living. Plus, there are some decor concepts that help extend those styles, allowing you to personalize your cottagecore decor even further.

Scandinavian Cottage

One cottagecore decor style is the Scandinavian cottage. This look blends old and new by pairing classic furnishings with on-trend accents like fun seating options or sleek midcentury modern dining tables.

Natural wood furniture or furniture painted white or other light cool tone shades such beige, stone gray, etc., antique accessories and textures such as linens, wools rugs, organic textures, earthenware plates, and natural fibers all play a role in executing this design style.

Bohemian Cottage

Another cottagecore design option that homeowners love is bohemian cottage, which mixes rustic elements such as wood and jute alongside eclectic furniture pieces for a unique take on cottage decor.

Englishside Style

The cottagecore decor style called the English cottage brings a more classic and traditional look to cottage decor. Think of china, antiques, and even floral patterns for this design choice!

Coastal Living Cottage

Finally, there’s coastal cottage which is known for its use of blues and whites with pops of color such as yellow or red in vases or pillows ( blue & white toile de jouy fabric). Furniture often includes rattan or wicker pieces, and – of course – lots of natural fibers such as cotton or linen.


The cottagecore design idea is to make your home feel like a cottage. One way of achieving this style in your decor would be through what is being called grandmacore. Basically, this means adding a touch to cottage decor elements for that cozy yet elegant look!

You can achieve this by using pieces that you would typically find in your Grandmother’s home, such as tufted sofas or wingback chairs, and plaid accent pillows. Other ideas include antiques, midcentury modern furniture, wicker seating, etc., all paired with neutral colors also help achieve this look effortlessly!

Cottagecore Decor Ideas 2021


Another cottagecore design style option that homeowners love is the meadow cottage look which mixes traditional cottage elements with garden accents in order to give your space a fresh country feel.

Wall art ideas are often rustic paintings or landscape-inspired pieces. If you want to achieve this decor idea, avoid using too many colors and instead focus on natural tones like cream, beige, etc., floral patterns, stripes & plaids, as well as earthenware plates, and mugs!

When it comes to textiles & curtains, think of neutral colors like grey or cream; textures such as cotton fabrics rugs made from wool/organic materials, but lace trims add a lovely extra touch.


Similar to Meadowcore, Gardencore cottage is yet another cottage-inspired home design style that mixes cottage elements with garden accents for a relaxed country look!

Wall art ideas are plant or garden focussed, such as detailed studies of particular flowers, fruits, or vegetables. Think of it as a way to bring your garden indoors all year round.


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Farmcore decor style is farm cottage which mixes cottage elements with rustic, country accents for a warm and inviting look! Try incorporating farm cottage elements, neutral tones, outdoor accents, and lots of textures.

Wall art ideas are often rustic paintings or country-inspired pieces. Think life in the country, and what pieces would inspire that feeling! Furniture is often painted white or other light cool tone shades such beige, stone gray, etc. Antique accessories, cottons, linens, wools rugs, and earthenware decor accents finish the look.

Two wooden horses with pinecones


If you want your home’s decor to be inspired by Little House on the Prairie, then Prairecore is just right for you. Prairiecore is a design style based on the things you would find in the homes of American pioneers as well as life on the prairie. 

Think wagon wheels, vintage tools, and rustic and simple decor accents.


Fairycore is an aesthetic that centers around the themes of nature, soft pastels, and butterflies. The term was coined by someone on Tumblr to refer to this particular type or style with magic in it- sorta like when people use enchantment for their home decorating needs! It has become popular among those who identify as “fairykin.”

Cottagecore Elements & Styling Tips

There are many ways that homeowners can embrace this cottagecore design choice effortlessly! The key elements in creating cottagecore spaces include neutrals like cream or gray, rustic elements such as wood & jute alongside eclectic furniture pieces for a unique take on cottage decor.

It revolves around one universal theme – comfort – while incorporating colors from the other styles, including Scandinavian Cottage, Bohemian Cottage, Englishside Style & Coastal Living.

Cottagecore Design Elements

There’s also a bohemian cottage that mixes rustic elements such as wood and jute alongside eclectic furniture pieces for a unique take on cottage decor. And last but not least, there’s coastal cottage known for its use of blues and whites with pops of color like yellow or red in vases or pillows ( blue & white toile de jouy fabric).

These cottagecore design options bring a more classic and traditional look to cottage decor.

The cottagecore movement is a perfect choice for those who want to decorate their homes in a relaxed and cozy manner. Here are some interior design tips that will help you achieve this cottage-inspired look as well as a list of decor accents you should consider picking up if you want to establish a true Cottagecore look in your home.

Vintage or antique furniture – cottagecore decor often brings in cottage or shabby chic furniture pieces. You can use kitchen tables, armoires, and dressers for example.

Wool rugs – cottagecore style is known to incorporate many different textures so wool rugs are a perfect choice as they stand the test of time!

Earthenware plates & mugs – cottagecore decor is meant to look rustic and cozy so earthenware dishes are a must-have for this style.

White or off-white kitchen cabinets & furniture – cottagecore decor always features white painted furniture with the occasional pops of black, red or yellow as an accent color which can be seen in textiles such as pillows or throws.

Cottagecore Dried Flower Arrangements

Dried flower arrangements – cottagecore decor often uses dried flowers or plant arrangements in order to achieve that cottage vibe.

Old books and stationary – cottagecore decor often features old books and stationery displayed in cottage-style desks, end tables or even shelves.

Rocking chairs – cottagecore decor often includes rocking chairs which are perfect for sitting back with a cup of tea while reading an old book! You can either paint your existing chair white to achieve the cottage look or buy new ones that are cottage-inspired.

Wood picture frames – cottagecore decor uses wood picture frames to display old photographs, paintings or your favorite pieces of art.

Crystal decanters & glasses – afternoon tea time is a must for cottagecore spaces so pick up crystal glassware and decanter sets! You can even use them as vases to display dried flower arrangements.

Jute & cotton fabrics – cottagecore decor often incorporates jute or cottons for pillows, curtains and throws which are great if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere in your home! Just make sure that whatever fabric you choose is neutral so it will blend well with the rest of the cottage-inspired pieces you use in your decor.

Jute & Cotton in Cottagecore Decor

Plants & Greenery – cottagecore decor incorporates plants and greenery to bring that cottage feel into your home. You can use ivy, spider plants, or even cactus in your cottagecore decor.

Wooden birdhouses – cottagecore decor often features birdhouses in order to bring that cottage vibe into your home! You can either buy a cottage-style birdhouse or repurpose an old one.

Vintage textiles – cottagecore decor often brings in vintage textiles such as toile de jouy, needlepoint, tapestry wall hangings, or Oriental rugs.

Victorian teacups – cottagecore decor often incorporates teacups, saucers, and other Victorian-inspired porcelain to achieve that cottage look.

Victorian Teacups

Rustic baskets – cottagecore decor uses rustic wicker or wooden baskets in order to store accessories such as books or magazines (for your end tables). You can also use them for plants if you want a cottage-inspired decor.

Botanical prints – cottagecore decor often features botanical prints on the walls or in picture frames. You can also use them to cover your cork boards if you want a cottage-inspired look!

Stained glass – cottagecore decor often incorporates stained glass or cottage-style lamps to create that peaceful cottage vibe.

Floral fabrics – cottagecore decor uses floral prints in curtains, pillows and throws if you want a cottage feel for your home! Just make sure the flower patterns are small so it won’t be too overwhelming. You can also incorporate larger scale patterns such as florals on the walls or even in your upholstery.

Paintings of cottage scenes – cottagecore decor often includes paintings and prints of cottage scenes which are great to hang above a fireplace mantle, but make sure you change them out with each season so it doesn’t feel too stale!

Blankets & throws – cottagecore decor often includes blankets and throws in order to achieve that cottage vibe.

Cottagecore Decor Ideas 2021


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Cottagecore Decor Tips & Tricks

  • Keep your cottagecore space simple and clutter free by removing any unnecessary items lying around the house such as knickknacks, tables lamps etcetera. A cottagecore home is meant to look cozy and rustic so keep the color palette on the neutral side.
  • Pick up cottagecore decor accents that can be used for more than one room in your home, such as decorative baskets or plants.  
  • Decorate your cottagecore space with wood elements like trunks & ottomans alongside crochet pillows or throws to give it cottage appeal.
  • Add elements like dried flower arrangements, earthenware dishes or antique furniture into your cottagecore space to achieve that cottage look and feel.
  • Try using the cottagecore design style for any room in your home such as dining spaces, bedrooms & living rooms! It’s perfect for cozy family homes where you want to relax and unwind.
  • Keep cottagecore decor staples like framed botanical prints, vintage rugs, or floral tapestries that are not only rustic but can be used in other design styles as well if you ever decide to change your home’s look later on!  
Cottagecore Decor Ideas 2021

Are Your Ready to Design Your Cottagecore Home?

The cottagecore movement is a perfect choice for those who want to bring the cottage look into their homes without going overboard with too many patterns and colors! This style is also great if you’re looking to incorporate more cozy and rustic elements into your home.