Elegant Upholstered Sleigh Beds

Upholstered Sleigh Beds: Comfortable Elegance

I find sleigh beds to be extraordinarily elegant. I also find that upholstered beds to be extraordinarily elegant. So, you can imagine how I feel about Upholstered Sleigh Beds.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds take the best of two decor styles and combine them into a single piece of elegance and beauty.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Toddington Queen Bed
Toddington Upholstered Sleigh Bed | Queen

Although there is more than one way to design a Sleigh Bed, they are most often characterized by the graceful curve in the both the headboard and the matching footboard. Layer and additional element of design and elegance by adding upholstery to those graceful curves, and you have the unique beauty that is an Upholstered Sleigh Bed.

The lines of these beds are truly something to behold, and the warmth of an upholstered bed gives these sleigh beds and extra sense of luxury.

The result can range from handsomely luxurious to decadently glamorous.

Classically Elegant Upholstered Sleigh Beds

To showcase some of these unique beautiful Upholstered Sleigh Beds, we have put together a collection of some of the most beautiful examples.


Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Adagio California King Bed
Adagio Upholstered Sleigh Bed | California King

What I find so fascinating is the variety of options that spring to life when you look at the concept of putting upholstery on a sleigh bed. Now you have wood color and upholstery colors to choose. And the different ways that they can play off each other is amazing.

Look at how beautifully this combination of Walnut and Gray come together are in the Taryn Upholstered Sleigh Bed.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Taryn King in Walnut with Gray Upholstery
Taryn Upholstered Sleigh Bed | King | Walnut/Gray

How stunning is that?  Even though I am not normally a fan of grey furniture (nothing against it, just not my personal decor preference), this could easily become an exception.

I normally prefer my bedroom furniture choices to be in the warm, wood or earthy colors.  And the Tynecastle Sleigh Bed fully delivers.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Tynecastle King Bed
Tynecastle Upholstered Sleigh Bed | King

With the Tynecastle, the wood structure definitely takes the lead with the upholstery adding a touch of warmth and comfort to an already beautiful bed.

A Touch of Luxury in the Bedroom

For those who want the bed to be completely upholstered, there are plenty of beautiful options in that direction as well. Take, for example, absolute elegance of the Romriell King Bed.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Romriell King Bed
Romriell King Upholstered Sleigh Bed

Now, that’s what I call LUXURIOUS!

Another gorgeous example of a sleigh bed where the fine wood structure takes the lead is the Martone Sleigh Bed, shown below in Queen.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Martone Queen Bed
Martone Upholstered Sleigh Bed | Queen

Such a handsome bed, it would compliment any elegant master bedroom.

For those looking for something a little lighter and breezier from a visual standpoint… ask and ye shall receive.  Behold the delightful Piland Upholstered Sleigh Bed in King.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Piland King Bed
Piland Upholstered Sleigh Bed | King

Still extraordinarily elegant, but the lighter finish on the wood and the beige upholstery give it a much airier feeling.

With or Without Footboards, Sleigh Beds are Unmistakeable

Not all sleigh beds include a sleigh footboard. Some rely entirely on a beautifully crafted sleigh headboard to create the sleigh bed look, such as the exquisite Jurapa Sleigh Bed, shown here in Queen.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Jurupa Queen Storage Sleigh Bed
Jurupa Upholstered Sleigh Bed with Footboard Storage Drawers | Queen

This beautiful bed features an upholstered sleigh headboard, with an intricately detailed wood base and beautiful storage doors integrated into the footboard.  Even though it doesn’t have the sleigh footboard, the storage drawers are beautiful enough to more than make up for that. The overall look is classic, solid, and elegant!

A Modern Take on the Classic Sleigh Bed

And now for something COMPLETELY different, a thoroughly modern take on the Upholstered Sleigh Bed.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Henrie Contemporary Queen Bed
Henrie Queen Contemporary Upholstered Sleigh Bed

Although the shape of the classic Sleigh Bed is obvious, the modern twist and black and chrome construction make this piece wonderfully unique and completely modern. I love how they reversed the footboard curve to provide the elegant lines of a sleigh bed without the visual obstruction of a tall footboard.

And, of course, Upholstered Sleigh Beds don’t always have to be serious.  Take this delightful Upholstered Twin Sleigh Bed in brilliant purple.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Lee Purple Twin Bed
Lee Upholstered Purple Sleigh Bed | Twin

That sleigh bed would be perfect for any Princess!

Or, for the adult version, here’s the Hatfield Upholstered Sleigh Bed in a Rich, Royal Blue.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Hatfield Royal Blue Bed
Hatfield Royal Blue Upholstered Sleigh Bed

An Amazing Collection of Upholstered Sleigh Beds for your Amazing Home!

And there you have it!  Such an amazing collection. If you’re not in love with the idea of an Upholstered Sleigh Bed by now… I’m not sure what could convince you.

Upholstered Sleigh Beds | Darvell Queen Bed
Darvell Upholstered Sleigh Bed | Queen

Looking for more Beds & Headboards? The Upholstered Sleigh Beds shown above are just a small sampling of Art & Home’s complete Bedroom Furniture collection. At Art & Home, we’ve teamed up with some of today’s leading manufacturers and retailers of beautiful furniture to bring together a unique and wonderful collection.

We hope you enjoyed browsing this collection of Upholstered Sleigh Beds as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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