The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Get Your Packing Supplies in Order

Nobody – including friends, family, or professional movers – wants to move a home that has not been properly packed. To make sure your move goes smoothly, make sure you have the right supplies to get the job done.

Some of the items on this moving checklist can be store bought (such as packing tape and markers), some of these items can be reused (from the local liquor store), and some of these items can be things you already have at home (socks, scarves, and towels make for excellent packing material).

Packing boxes New or used from local stores
Bubble wrap For your most fragile items
Packing paper Kraft or newspaper will do for most items
Packing tape To properly seal boxes
Garment bags Heavy Duty trash bags will often do
Plastic baggies For all loose screws, batteries, etc.
Thick felt markers For labeling boxes with room & contents
Moving labels Optional, but very handy
Plastic wrap For wrapping up loose items
Egg cartons Perfect for packing jewelry
Rubber bands Useful in hundreds of ways

QUICK TIP: Consider searching on Craigslist for free, used moving boxes. Flatten and put your moving boxes back up on Craigslist when you’re done your move. 

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