The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

This Moving Checklist is being shared with you after many, many, many, years of trial and error.

Moving can be VERY stressful, and there’s always that nagging feeling that you forgot something. After handling more than a dozen moves in my lifetime, I’ve learned some hard lessons about moving dos and don’ts. To that end, I have created what I believe to be The Ultimate Moving Checklist.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist: A Preview of What’s Included

The Ultimate Moving Checklist | Moving Tips | Infographic

There are so many possible types of moves, that it’s impossible to cover every different scenario. Long distance moves will have different needs than short hauls. Apartment and condo moves will have different needs than houses. Renter will have different needs than home buyers. And so on. 

However, it is our hope that this Moving Checklist will cover the essentials for nearly every time of move.

The Ultimate Moving Checklist Free PDF Download

Getting Ready

Before you can really get started, one of the obvious “need-to-knows” is when and where you are moving.

That will help you determine some of the key elements of getting a move organized, including your budget, if you’re hiring movers or doing it yourself (with the help of friends and family).

Plus, a clear understanding of WHAT you are moving will help you figure out if this is even something you can tackle on your own. For example, if you’re trying to move a piano or hot tub, you may want to consider hiring professionals who know how to handle bulky or overweight items.

When setting your move date, keep in mind that mid-week moves tend to be cheaper for moving companies than weekend moves. If you can do so, aim to move in the middle of the week but book the remainder of the week off so that you have those days and the weekend to get your new home organized.

Pick move date Set the big day so you something to work toward
Set a moving budget Packing materials, moving costs, insurance, etc.
Create a moving file All moving related documents in one place!
Hire movers / rent truck Depending on what your moving budget allows
Purchase moving insurance Optional, but can provide peace of mind
Arrange child and/or pet care Keep them safe and out of the way during the move
Book time off for move Some companies offer time off for moving
Announce move date Let friends, family, & co-workers know you’re moving
Schedule helpers Even if you have movers, helpers can be handy
Clubs & MembershipsTransfer (or resign if not active in your new neighborhood)
Confirm moving requirements For loading and unloading your moving truck
Book elevator for move day If moving into/out of an apartment or condo
Confirm parking for moving truck You may need a permit for moving day
Determine load-in points What will fit, and how to get it into the house
Return library books & rentals You don’t want to move these things with you
Retrieve loaned itemsPick up what you loaned to others
Medical records Gather important documents in a safe place
Fill Prescriptions You don’t want to run out mid-move
Plan your route Especially if you’re moving long distance
Take a photo inventory Take pictures of your belongings in case things get lost
Back up computers Just in case…
Cook meals Use what’s in the fridge and freezer instead of moving it
Donate non-perishables Donate canned & dry goods to the local Food Bank
Take pictures of your electronics As an easy reference for what cord went where
Research the new neighborhood Find stores, restaurants, services, etc. near the new you
Moving day playlist Music helps to motivate!

QUICK TIP: Make sure you understand HOW you will load your larger items into your new home, especially if they won’t fit through the front entrance.  Measure twice, Move once!!!

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