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Music Decor for the Love of Music

Love music? Then you’re going to absolutely love these music decor ideas. Whether you are decorating a music room, or want to add a touch of music to any other room in your home, these beautiful pieces will make your decor sing.

Do you have a music room? If not, there are easy ways to create one and turned it into your own personal sanctuary where all things related to playing and listening to music are present!

Or, perhaps, you just want to infuse your love of music into the decor of other rooms throughout your home.

Either way that you approach it, adding some music-inspired decor can celebrate your love of the beauty of music.

Dedicated Music Room Decor

It takes less time than you would think to turn an empty bedroom or other unused space into your own personal music sanctuary. Of course, for musicians, the first priority is making sure there is room for the necessary equipment. From amps to instruments to recording equipment, stands, and speakers – you need to have the items you will need to create beautiful music.

For the audiophiles, who want a dedicated room to enjoy the music instead of creating it, then the right equipment includes the appropriate media players, where that be some really nice speakers or a record player to experience the joys of vinyl.

Plus, of course, you’ll need storage for your sheet music, records, and other items related to playing music.

But, once the foundations are set, it’s important to decorate the space in a way that celebrates your love of music.

Amazing music decor, music wall art pieces, and other decorative accessories can add a touch of music to any room in your home.

On the walls, there are many options for wall art including metal signs, tapestries (which also provide acoustic benefits, by the way), and canvas wall art musical instruments or even just musical notes that will look great hanging right above amps and speakers!

Another fresh idea is decorating with vinyl records which can include placing them on shelves using their spines facing outwards as decoration. If you’re really looking to take it one step further then try framing photos of yourself performing onstage so you feel like part of the band when practicing at home!

If you’re really looking to take it one step further then try framing photos of yourself performing onstage so you feel like part of the band when practicing at home!

Music Room Decor Must-Haves

If you really want to take your music room decor to the next level, here are a few items that are absolute musts for adding to your space.

– A music room decor sign with inspirational phrases.

– Music note curtains for the windows to let in some light while still keeping your space private.

– A record player so you can enjoy all of those vinyl records that are just sitting around collecting dust on shelves! You could even use them as wall art by hanging them vertically but turning their spines outwards, lining up the albums next to each other against a wall – it will look absolutely stunning!

– Some great speakers. Again, if they’re not being used elsewhere then make sure they go into this special place where everyone who enters knows how much you love music and what better way is there than creating an amazing listening environment? Plus, these wonderful pieces of equipment should be showcased beautifully.

– A bench or stool that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well as a great option for sitting while playing an instrument.

If you’re looking to add music decor pieces but don’t have anywhere specific in mind, then there are plenty of other options! Here are some ideas:

Music Books & Musician Biographies

Musician biographies and other books about music will also help inspire new ideas while connecting with musicians from all over the world who have made beautiful art through their music.

Vintage or Unique Audio Equipment

Beyond the practical units that you need to listen to (or record) music, I always find that infusing some vintage or unique audio equipment into a music room helps connect the love of music to the past, present, and future of music.

Sure, there is something handy about wireless Bluetooth speakers, but vintage speakers or amps, for example, can add a sense of history to your music space.

Interesting or Exotic Instruments

The same thing can be said about unique or exotic instruments from around the world. These are easy to pick up while you’re on your travels, digging deeper into your love of all forms of music from around the world.

They don’t have to be large or expensive. a beautifully crafted sitar or a locally sourced woodwind instrument can make a beautiful addition to any music room.

Music-Inspired Photography

This can include famous photos of your favorite musicians, or pictures of yourself on stage during one of your own performances.

Having photos of your favorite musicians on the wall while you play can be a great way to inspire yourself. Imagine being able to see an image from someone’s life, and how they got where they are today! Music has been so important in shaping who we become that seeing pictures or watching videos with people cheering just adds more fuel for burning inspiration into creativity at its very best – especially if it reminded us what made this work worth doing in the first place.

Comfy Chairs

Nobody wants to be uncomfortable while they are trying to create or listen to music, so make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating available for yourself and your guests.

Sturdy Shelves

Depending on how much music room decor you want to have, sturdy shelves are an absolute must. Without these items, there is no space for all of your instruments and media players.

Not only do you want to create plenty of storage, but these are great ways to show off some of your other accent pieces, smaller instruments, music books, and more.

Music Themed Tapestries

One of my favorite items for anything music decor-related has to be tapestry wall hangings. Not only do they provide some beautiful and unique imagery that is perfect for the music lover, but they also (as noted above) provide a sound-dampening quality that is perfect for keeping your love of music inside your music room.

Minuet I & Minuet II Music Themed Tapestry Wall Hangings by Keith Mallet

Area Rugs

If you’re going to have a music room, it’s important that the floor be as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Fortunately, area rugs are an easy way to add some color and character into your music space without having much of a footprint at all!

Plus, the sound-absorbing qualities of an area rug can also help reduce the reverberations and make the music listening (or music creating) experience that much better.

Don’t be afraid to go full-on Boho Chic with the floor coverings in your music room, as you can layer several different area rugs on top of each other for an eclectic and comfortable setting.

Foldable mats can also come in handy for those who practice yoga or other exercises while listening to their favorite tunes. Even if they aren’t doing any activities on the mat itself, just being able to put it down when friends or family arrive means there will always be plenty of seating available.

Old CDs and Vinyl Records

If you’re a fan of music on CD or vinyl, these are some items that can add an interesting touch to your wall decor.

There is something nostalgic about seeing the cover art from old CDs and records around the room while playing songs from all eras. This creates such a universal sense of history in one space; it’s truly inspiring!

Indoor Plants

As well as looking nice and adding a natural, homely feel to your music room– plants work wonders when it comes to absorbing sound.

Big leaves are excellent at soaking up all those loud knocks from drums because they have such variable surfaces area!

Plus, there is the fact that indoor plants have air purification qualities, which are important if you’re planning on spending a lot of time inside your music room.

Music Memorabilia

Last but not least, use your music room decor to inspire you by adding some of the memorabilia from various musicians. Whether it’s a drumstick used by one of your favorites or an official concert poster from a classic artist who inspired you along the way, keep these items around as little reminders that this is what makes all of those hours practicing or performing worth it.

It’s not just about the music, but the people who helped inspire us along the way – and honoring them makes our love of their art even more special!

It’s important to get a variety of things on your walls. Heavy metal music may be the only thing that gets you through those tough days at work, but including other genres as well will help create an atmosphere where these passions can live freely without being confined by boundaries or restrictions.

Adding Music Decor to Your Home

For those who want to infuse their love of music into the decor of other rooms in the home, there are plenty of options to add a fun, elegant, or vibrant touch of music decor to any room.

These can range from realistic portraits featuring musical instruments or sheet music to abstract art that simply “feels like” music is playing.

Guitar Tapestry Wall Hangings
Legendary (Electric) and Unplugged (Acoustic) Guitar Tapestry Wall Hangings

We all have a part of us that wants nothing more than to be recognized for our abilities. These woven guitar-themed tapestries are an excellent way to display your musical tastes and appreciation in the home or workplace.

The warm colors are harmonious with the music and really help to create a sense of warmth and joy.

The right lighting can really enhance the feeling of your music room decor! For example, you could use lamps that create shadows or up-lighting to highlight objects on display such as record players, rare vinyl, or vintage radios.

The Importance of Music in Our Lives

Music is one of the most important parts of our lives. It inspires us, brings back memories, and can be used to express emotions that words otherwise cannot convey.

Music has been around since ancient times when it was created with instruments before becoming more modernized by being played with electronic devices. The human body contains many musical elements such as rhythm, beat, melody, and tonality which makes music so unique compared to other kinds of art forms such as paintings or sculptures because it invokes emotion rather than just physical senses alone.

There are many different genres of music that each have their own unique characteristics and styles.

Classical is a great example of being atonal in nature while pop can be considered eclectic due to its wide range of influences which includes jazz, country, gospel, folk, R&B/soul, and rock among others – all creating a vibrant but catchy sound able to reach people from across the world.

Some other examples include classic rock drawing inspiration from blues-rock and psychedelic rock before giving way to heavy metal; hip-hop with its original roots dating back thousands of years through West African drumming traditions evolving into modernized rap beats influenced by funk music; house originally stemming from Chicago’s disco scene during the 1980s featuring electronic rhythms and deep basslines; and jazz which is a highly improvised music genre influenced by blues, ragtime, swing, and Dixieland.

No matter what your music tastes are, you are sure to find the perfect piece of music-theme art to add to your music room, den, living room, bedroom, or any other room in your home.

Music Room Decor for the Love of Music

Decorative accessories can add a touch of music to any room in your home. For those who want to infuse their love of music into the decor of other rooms in the home, there are plenty of options to add a fun, elegant, or vibrant touch.

By adding some music decor into any room, you can continue to enjoy this amazing part of life even when not listening with headphones on at home.

With these items, you can rest assured that your music room decor will be wonderful for everyone who enters. All of them are tasteful and stylish options to choose from without being too flashy or over the top. In fact, you may even be surprised at how easily these items can make your entire home feel more musical!

Music Decor Gifts for Musicians & Audiophiles

A new decorative accessory is always exciting – especially if it’s something musical like sheet music coasters or even just some cool guitar picks thrown on display with their colors shining through. The key here is to keep everything looking organized so everything has its place without getting cluttered too fast which will take away from how great your decor looks in general. Of course, there are many more items to be added to your music room decor, but these are some of the most important ones.

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Here are just a few more of our favorite pieces of music decor that are perfect for the music room or any other room in your home!

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