Heirloom Decor Makes a Comeback

Heirloom Decor Makes a Comeback

If you have fond memories of your Grandmother’s house, there may be a very good reason for that. According to a recent syndicated article by the McClatchy Newspapers, Heirloom Decor is making a comeback and “that’s so granny” may be the new decor catchphrase.

That doesn’t mean that you have to go fully Victorian with your home’s overall decor scheme.  You can easily add a touch of Heirloom decor to your home, without turning your entire home into a museum.

Crocheted and woven throws, traditional style tapestry wall hangings, heirloom pieces and items with an historic feel will help bring “comfort to formality” says Patricia Shackelford in the article.

Heirloom quality tapestry wall hanging Heirloom quality tapestry wall hanging Heirloom quality tapestry wall hanging

Susan Bartlett Crater said using family pieces can be stylish. “My grandmother always said houses should be receptacles of memories,” Crater is quoted as saying. “What better way than using grandmother’s things?”

Black and white family photos and vintage books are also becoming a wonderful decor accent, particular if you can find these books from your family archives, old bookshelves, or – sometimes – packed away in a box under someone’s stairs.

Heirloom Decor Vintage Books

For those who don’t have an accessible source from Grandma’s attic, there are plenty of heirloom-quality products available to help support this year’s decor trend… from wall tapestries, to classically elegant throw pillows to Tiffany lamps, you can easily recreate pieces of Grandma in any home!

These traditional furniture and decor items can add a touch of “Granny” to your home, even if you had to buy it yourself.

Here are just a few pieces from our extensive collection of traditional furniture and decor.

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