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Create a Faux Window with Landscape Art

They say that art can be a window onto the world.  In this case, we take that saying quite literally. All too often we’re stuck with an odd room that does not have enough (or in some cases any) windows.  Although decorative tips can help bring the outdoors in by using light / airy colors, there is one great tip that can truly help expand your vision from these otherwise limited room. Creating a Faux Window with Landscape Art.

Use Landscape Art to create a Mock Window.

Landscape art opens up a room by creating a faux “window on the world.” This is especially important in a small or windowless areas.

If you don’t have a room with a view, create one by adding the view of your choice through a landscape painting. Landscape tapestries have a similar effect, but the fabric element does reduce the “window” effect to a more subtle touch of the outside world as rendered on a jacquard loom.

Take the following example.  Granted it’s only one wall, but imagine it being in a room without any other windows:

Create an artificial window with landscape art

Now, replace that currently vacant space with a landscape view through a tapestry or an oil on canvas landscape painting and you have a completely different look.

Here it is with a Landscape Painting:

Create an artificial window with landscape art

And here with a Landscape Tapestry:

Create an artificial window with landscape art

Remember, we’re not trying to create a fake “window”, the goal of these pieces is to add beautiful decorative art that also serves to give a “sense” of a view from a room that otherwise does not have one.

You can almost feel yourself sitting near that view, can’t you?  Well, if you can… that’s exactly the point.

And this tip doesn’t have to be limited to windowless rooms… anywhere you’d like to improve the view, art can always, always help.

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