4 Easy Steps For Arranging & Hanging Art on Your Wall

If you’re tried of the “if at first you don’t succeed, make another hole in the wall” method of picture hanging, experts recommend using cut-outs that are the same shape and size as the pictures you are hanging and pre-arranging them on the walls.

Creating these art placeholders to make picture hanging easier involves 4 Easy Steps!

     Create Paper Versions

Simply trace the dimensions of the artwork onto a piece of kraft paper or cardboard and arrange them on the wall before hanging the real thing.

    Mark the Hook Locations

As different frames can have very different wire lengths or hook locations, align the cutouts to your frames and mark on the cut-outs where the hanging point is (such as the wire or D-hooks on the back of the artwork).

    Arrange Your Artwork

Use blue painters tape, Sticky Tack or something that won’t take the paint off the walls with it in order to arrange the cutouts to complete the finished look on your wall.  Move them and rearrange them as needed.

4 Easy Steps For Arranging Art & Photographs on Your Wall

Image Source: LifeHacker.com  

Now use the cutouts to where the hanging point will be on your wall.  Remember to align to where the art will hang from, not to where the nail should go into the wall.  A common error is to level out where the nail point is, without checking to make sure that the picture hangers (e.g. the J-hooks) are the same size. Suddenly, two perfectly level nail holes lead to completely-not-level pictures.

 Hang the Real Thing

One by one, you can now take down the cardboard cutouts of your artwork and hang the real thing in its place. If you’ve done it correctly, you won’t need to adjust any of the placements… which means less nail holes in your wall. If you do need to adjust one or two of them, see if you can do so using the wire on the back of the artwork itself or by changing out the J-hook rather than – as a last resort – moving the nail.

A clean, crisp arrangement of pictures or canvas wall art can make a big difference to a home’s decor, and sometimes the tiniest thing, like a different length J-hook, can make or break the look.

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