Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

50+ Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

Exposed brick and stone walls have been an architectural feature of homes for generations. They have, over time, come into and gone out of favor… which often leads to these brick walls being covered for a period, then uncovered to expose the natural brick or stone, and then covered again, uncovered again… and so on. Recently, exposed brick and stone walls have regained some of their original favor and people are finding new and interesting ways to feature exposed brick and stone inside their homes.

Source: Modloft Bed

Sleek Living Room with Deep Red Exposed Brick Wall
Exposed Stone Interior Walls

Many of today’s home decor and design consumers are seeking a unique blend of old and new, mixing contemporary and classic elements in a eclectic yet cohesive way.  Antique furniture with modern decor accents. Persian rugs are placed in another otherwise contemporary home. These combinations have also restored the popularity of exposed brick and stone walls.

Stone Clad Kitchen Wall

Source: ArchiExpo

Custom Copper Bathtub Against a Natural Stone Backdrop

Source: Decoist

Arched Brick Windows by Josephine Hurley

Source: Josephine Hurley

Mixed Stone Stacked Wood Fireplace Surround


Quarry Stone Rustic Bedroom Wall

Source: Onekindesign

Shop Society6 Wall Art

Different Types & Treatments of Exposed Brick & Stone Walls Create Different Visual Impacts

Although any designer will tell you that marble, quartz, and the likes are definitely considered as a stone. However, for this post we’ve decided to focus on the more rustic stones and bricks and are making a comeback into today’s stylish home.

Stone Wall Focal Point in Stunning Bathroom
Slab Stone Wall
Dark Gray Painted Bedroom Brick Wall

Source: Target Point

Distressed Brick Wall Living Room by Lai Phap

Source: Lai Pháp

Light Gray Scandinavian Brick Wall by K Band

Source: K BAND

Although some may think that exposed brick and stonework automatically creates a rustic or farmhouse look, as you can see from some of these examples… that is far from the truth.

Breezy Quarried Stone Wall


Rough Hewn Beige Brick Bedroom Wall


Source: Hosting Cultura

Elegant Brick Framed Bathroom Mirror


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