Adding Beauty and Comfort with Pillows and Tapestry Throws

Adding Beauty and Comfort with Pillows and Tapestry Throws

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to give your room a fresh new look is to simply add some decorative pillows or tapestry throws.

Whether your room is decorated in a modern fashion or you have more a more traditional type of decor, there are ways you can use decorative pillows and throws effectively to not only add style, but also comfort and coziness to the rooms of your home.

Using Decorative Throw Pillows for Contemporary Decor

If you have a room decorated in a modern fashion, using large square pillows with a solid color or geometric pattern can be quite effective. Adding the occasional rectangular pillow is also a nice way to add a little bit of unexpected design to a room.

Stick to a limited color palette, and choose fabrics that are tightly woven, such as linen or cotton, and avoid pillows with trim for the most modern look. A fool-proof way of selecting colors for accessories such as throw pillows is to select several colors from other accessories in the room, such as the colors from a painting or a canvas art print. When decorating a modern room, using decorative pillows in odd numbers instead of even pairs adds a nice touch.

Using Classic & Elegant Decorative Pillows for Traditional Decor

Throw pillows can also be used very effectively in rooms decorated in a traditional fashion. Fabrics with textures such as silk or velvet have a traditional look, and larger decorative pillows often look good when they have a fringe for extra design emphasis.

Smaller pillows which are trimmed in braid or cord can also be used effectively. Many different colors and textures used in a combination give a traditional look, as do traditional patterns such as floral prints and paisleys.

Using a patterned pillow along with a coordinating solid pillow is also a good look when pairing pillows.

When adding pillows to a traditionally decorated room, using them in pairs of two, and pairing a small and large pillow on each end of a sofa can be a good approach.

Enhancing Your Country & Rustic Decor with Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can also be used very effectively to enhance the warm and welcoming look of country and rustic homes. Whether you’re decorating the family home, a cabin, lodge, or a true, traditional farmhouse, these wonderfully crafted pillows can create a quick and easy additional accent.

From traditional plaids, to iconic country and rustic imagery, picking the right colors and imagery can make all the difference to a living room, parlor, or den.

For a true country look, combine plaids with a bold, rustic image to create a unique and wonderful look.

Using Tapestry Throws for Decoration and Comfort

There is often nothing more comfortable and inviting than a chair or sofa draped in a warm blanket or tapestry throw. Not only are tapestry throws beautiful, but they are also warm and comfortable. They are also available in many different styles and art themes and are extremely useful for adding a dash of color and style to a room. Not only can they be used to accessorize chairs and sofas, but they are also useful to throw over a bed for decoration as well as extra warmth, as a cover for furniture pieces, as a table covering, or even to hang and display on the wall.

Many tapestry throws are truly beautiful, with designs that depict scenery or geometric patterns. You can select from many styles, including Americana themes, Southwestern themes, hunting and lodge-related themes, or even a throw that depicts your favorite pet. Draping a tapestry throw over a comfortable chair in the living room almost invites people to relax and be comfortable.

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