The Nostalgic Romance of Abandoned Homes

Abandoned Houses | The Hauntingly Beautiful Remnants of Lives Unknown

Abandoned Homes Tell a Story

Whether or not the story is documented in history, each abandoned home gives us a glimpse at a life once lived. 

Abandoned Home Interior

Glimpses of these lives can be seen in what’s left behind, sometimes hidden behind the crumbling and the decay.

Abandoned House Interior with Vintage Phone

If you take a moment, you can almost picture the people who used to live in these abandoned homes and what the room might have looked like once upon a time, long before the paint started to peel and the brick started to crumble.

Abandoned Castle Window

Despite their now ruinous appearance, these abandoned homes were once treasured by their owners. It makes you wonder what happened to allow what used to be a fine home to fall into such disrepair.

Abandoned Mansion
Abandoned Homes
Abandoned Mansion

Yes, each abandoned house tells a story. Unfortunately, many of those stories will never be heard.

Entry Gate to Abandoned Property

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12 thoughts on “Abandoned Houses | The Hauntingly Beautiful Remnants of Lives Unknown”

  1. 5 stars
    Generally, I don’t comment on blog posts, һowever I have to say that your writing has amazed mе. Thanks, very nice post.

  2. My photo, in this collection, was taken from a house in Bradford, Ontario (Canada). On the edge of the town, near the main highway. You can’t renovate it though. It was demolished about a year after I took the photos of it. Nothing left now but a silo which must have been near a barn that was long gone.

    1. Thanks Laura! I love hearing about the history of these houses, even when it’s sometimes only to find out that the building is lost forever to the progress of time. I have updated the article to include a direct link to your site, which is always better when I can find the original source!

  3. I want to know so much about these homes….where are they, how old are they, why are they abandoned……they are so intriguing!

    1. Restoring one of these fallen gems is a lovely idea! But I’m sure if you looked around locally, you could probably find a handful of abandoned beauties to tackle!

    2. Picture 25 with the curved arches inside is in Romania,city of Constanta. It was Romanias Casino Royal ,sit on the shore of the black sea , I remember as a child this beautiful place was the memory of my ancestors who not only helped build it but lost their land, homes Mansions ,castles and their monasteries not decay or have my family history collecting dust ,ruining scroll and paintings of our family members and one day we shall be forgotten as our history is being usupered by frauds of our ancient blood line ,there is only few of us left and as we get older our beautiful land and homes will be as we will too. I wish someone would buy this beautiful place as I tried in 2010 for $1 mil but lost all do to divorce and then lost my dream to have something for my girls to hold on to from my native land ,from our people and family so they can walk the floors and remember their roots , their family they never had a chance to know and I their mother who cried many tears upon leaving her country and cry to see time and people disrespect not only the culture ,people but our honorable history . Please if anyone buys this casino or the many castles of Romania I would be so happy and feel like we live on in history through the love of ones desire to be a part of history .
      Many Blessings,

  4. These old homes are so beautiful. But it is so sad to know the people who lived them are probably dead, along with the heart of these homes. Still, I wish I could snap my fingers and see when it was all in its prime! Imagine how grand it all was!!!

  5. I am fascinated and obsessed with abandoned homes. It’s uncanny because I’m very practical otherwise. I like to imagine the people that lived in the homes.

  6. Knowing who built them, who loved them and who left them is every mystery buffs idea. Sometimes fantasizing about a mystery is a good thing too. I love, love, love big old homes of all kinds.

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