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Traditional & Medieval Tapestry Wall Hangings are the perfect luxurious decor accent for any well-designed home. Unluck some of today’s tapestries, which are printed on thin fabric, our tapestries are intricately woven on Jacquard looms for stunning heirloom quality and durability.

These gorgeous wall hangings are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors.

Some of the famous designs available include The Lady & the Unicorn, Tree of Life, Battle of AnghiariGods of Good Fortune, and several designs by William Morris.

The beauty of traditional and medieval tapestries is that they are so intricate and detailed. They tell stories, often from religious texts, and the artwork is so beautiful that it is easy to get lost in it. Each tapestry is a unique work of art, and it is amazing to think about all the time and effort that goes into creating them.

Traditional tapestries often surprise contemporary art lovers with their attention to detail, their ability to capture emotion, as well as their exploration of timeless themes such as love and romance.

With these traditional tapestries, you get the best of centuries-old craftsmanship, medieval designs, modern manufacturing techniques, and beautiful imagery, all of which combine to create a unique art experience that will be loved for generations.

These tapestry recreations of famous artworks capture the drama of historical art, perfectly blending it with modern weaving methods. The end result is faithful to the original artists’ vision, with all the durability and appeal of modern fabrics.

For stunning quality, elegance and durability, tapestries are an extraordinary choice.

Curated from the world’s leading manufacturer of tapestry wall hangings we’re certain you will find just the right traditional tapestry to become a stunning addition to your home’s overall style & decor.

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