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Septarian Stone | The Unique Beauty of the Dragon Stone

I was in a lovely gift shop in Ybor City, Florida when I was struck by the unique beauty of these stone bowls crafted out of Septarian stone. I loved the unique patterns formed out of different colors and cracks that looked like something formed by pure magic.

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The unique look of Septarian stone is why it is also known as Dragon Stone.  The contrasting, cracked, and distinctive dragon skin patterns that are infused within each of these unique stones have earned it this moniker.

I love unique things. And I love nature. So, to find something that was so beautiful, so unique, and so natural was quite the find. I was tempted to buy one of these items right away, but the only thing that stopped me was the weight. They are quite heavy, and I wasn’t sure how well they would pack and travel in my suitcase.

I could almost imagine this big, heavy bowl bouncing back and forth inside my checked bag, smashing everything else inside. And when I thought about trying to shove it into my carry-on bag, I knew that it would put the weight well above the limit.

But now, months later, I still regret not having purchased one of these beautiful bowls. So, I decided to write a post about these unique natural-stone creations.

And, as with most things formed by nature, no two Septarian stones look alike.

The Unique Beauty of Septarian Stone

The uniqueness of this stone allows it to be used to create some wonderful home decor accents that are very eye catching. At first, it’s hard to believe that these gorgeous patterns occur naturally, but upon closer inspection you can understand how difficult it would be to manufacture this level of uniqueness.

Septarian Stone Bookends

Image Source: Boone’s Mill | Septarian Bookends

Septarian stones are believed to have formed during the Cretaceous period – which would make them approximately 145 Million Years old. That’s just a little bit older than me! When sea levels were much higher, volcanic eruptions and other natural events caused some small sea life to get themselves buried in the seabed. As nature took its course, sediments would accumulate and create what was known as a nodule or “mud ball”.

As the oceans eventually receded, these mud balls dried out in the exposed air, creating the delightful cracking patters as the mudballs shrank.

LIXUAN Polished Dragon Stone Statue

Image Source:  LIXUAN Polished Dragon Septarian Stone Statue

As we all know, the natural world can be harsh and it can be beautiful. In this case, it is both. Not only does it remind us of how fragile life can be, but it also showcases the beauty that can come from pretty much anything in nature. It’s hard NOT to be inspired by the fact that these gorgeous creations originate from sea life that got turned into a mudball.

The name Septarian is quite fitting as well, as it originally comes from the Latin words “septum” meaning seven, and “saeptum” which means a wall or enclosure. This is because as the mudballs balls dried they shrank on the inside, which created distinctive patterns that went off in 7 points in every direction.

Natural Septarian Dragon Stone Bowl

Image Source:  Natural Septarian Dragon Stone Bowl

The Holistic Powers of The Dragon Stone

For those who enjoy the holistic powers of nature, it is believed that Septarian can help you release the negative energies that may be holding you back in life. Natural healers believe that Septarian may also improve the balance of your body, mind, and spirit and ensure peace and harmony in all aspects of your being.

I often find myself wondering if that’s part of the reason I was drawn to these beautiful accent pieces in that lovely little gift store. Was it purely the visual appeal, or were my negative energies screaming to be released?

Septarian Nodule Slab

Image Source:  Septarian Nodule Slab

This gift shop did have a few natural stones available for purchase. Small and loose, they would have easily fit inside either of my suitcases.

I was tempted – for a moment – but what really drew me to these pieces as the polished beauty of the finished decor pieces.

The unique glimpse into what happened on the earth millions of years ago, formed into tiny swirls and cracks became the perfect substrate for the unique pieces they had on display. I especially loved the carved bowls & the decorative spheres!

Natural Dragon Stone 4.3" Carved Healing Sphere

Image Source: Septarian Natural Dragon Stone 4.3″ Carved Healing Sphere

The Delightful and Unique Variety of Septarian Stone

After doing some additional research, I found a wide variety of ways that this beautiful stone can be used, from decor, to massage stones, to jewelry. That way, no matter how you want to integrate some Septarian  into your life… you have options.

If that gift shop had offered some kind of Septarian jewelry, that is probably something I would have found a way to pack and bring home. Unfortunately, they did not. But I have since found some on other sites, so I might splurge on something unique when the time is right and I feel the need for something truly unique and beautiful to wear around my neck, or give as a gift.

 Septarian Stone Pendant Necklace

Image Source:  Septarian Stone Pendant Necklace

When you think of how this unique dragon stone created, deriving unique & enduring beauty from the end of something else, it’s a nice reminder of the power of nature and how the end of something does not have be tragic… it can be beautiful.

There Are So Many Options Online

When I started browsing, I was amazed by all of the unique and wonderful ways that people had managed to craft this unique stone into something beautiful for the home, as jewelry, or to just carry around with you for a touch of natural healing.

These were just a few of my favorite septarian stone creations.

Yellow Septarian Stone Chakra Sphere

Yellow Septarian Stone Chakra Sphere

The unique variegations of this stone really shine in this polished oblong sphere. Perfect as a decor accent on the coffee table or fireplace mantel.

Septarian Stone Crystal Tower

Septarian Stone Crystal Tower

According to the Etsy seller who created this beautiful piece, this unique tower has an enormous amount of energy. The spirit of the piece is amazing. Use this tower to release negative energy from the body. Feel its power to lift your spirits as if it is casting your worries into the wind.

Septarian Stone Carved Heart

Madagascar Septarian Dragon Carved Crystal Heart

Here we have a beautiful septarian dragon carved heart stone. Septarian Nodule, also referred to as Dragon Stone, is a tri color concretion composed of Aragonite (the brown), Calcite, (the yellow), and Limestone (the grey). This lovely heart is no exception. It has half of the carving made up of the yellow calcite and the the other half made up of the grey limestone.

Carved Septarian Ball

This carved ball is quite a unique accent that would add a beautiful pop of nature to any other installation. Keep in mind that the various minerals that make up these stones means that no two stones are ever alike. What you see in the pictures is never going to be quite what you receive, but it’s that variety that makes them so wonderfully unique.

Septarian Dragon Stone Rock Candle

Septarian Dragon Stone Rock Oil Lamp Candle

Earth and fire combine in this unique decorative accent. Crafted out of a large Utah-found stone, this features an oil candle lamp that let’s you add a warm glow to your septarian stone and to your home.

And there you have it! Now that you have had a chance to explore the unique and wonderful beauty of septarian stone, perhaps you can understand why it still fascinates me months after I left that little shop in Florida.

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