Thistle | Tiffany Art Glass Window | 17″ X 17″


Seeking a marvelous stained glass window to add to your home’s exquisite decor? Look no further than the fantastic Thistle Tiffany Art Glass Window.

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Meyda Tiffany’s Thistle window is an original design utilizing art nouveau stylings. Handcrafted utilizing 175 pieces of stained art glass encased in a solid brass frame, each window is a unique creation.

The exquisite detail of Louis Tiffany’s copper foil stained glass art work and his flowing designs continue to be an inspiration for today’s truly beautiful stained glass pieces.

No online photo could do justice to these extremely beautiful pieces of glass art. We hope that the images provided here will give you a sense of the wonderful colors and intricate craftsmanship involved, but please note that each piece created is unique and natural color variations are bound to occur.

“If only every view in the world was as beautiful as the one through my stained glass window.”

Thistle Tiffany Art Glass Window Features:

  • Size: 17″ W X 17″ H
  • Style: Tiffany
  • Hand cut art glass with copper foil construction
  • Mounting bracket and jack chain included.

With Stained Glass, The True Beauty Is In The Imperfections

For centuries, stained glass artisans have experimented with the use of deliberate flaws and variations in the glass to add texture and realism to their design. That is why you will often see what looks like a bubble, color change or even the appearance of hairline cracks. What appear to be flaws are – indeed – what make each piece of stained glass perfect and unique.

Purchase this wonderful stained glass window today and enjoy its exquisite beauty for years to come!

All Stained Glass Panels & Windows are special order items. Based on the complexity, available materials and design popularity, this particular stained glass window design can take anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks for delivery

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Unique Designs by Meyda Tiffany:

With over 40 years creating these wonderful treasures for your home, Meyda Tiffany is known world-wide for their extraordinary craftsmanship. From stunning recreations of the famous works of Louis Comfort Tiffany to original designs by Meyda’s own stained glass artisans, Meyda is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of stained glass home decor products.

For more than 10 years, our family has been proud to provide your family with a stunning collection of unique and wonderful home decor products.

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