How to Fireproof Rental Property

Attractive Ways to Fireproof Your Rental Property

One of the most significant hazards that rental properties can face is fire. As a landlord, it is your duty to take precautions and make necessary arrangements to ensure that your rental property is fireproof. In this article, we will discuss practical steps and measures that you can take to fireproof your rental property and protect your investment and the well-being of your tenants.

Making aesthetic improvements to your rental property is necessary if you want it to be competitive. But making it safe from burglary, man-made risks, and fire is quite challenging when you want to maintain its look that’s still fetching to those looking for accommodations.

So why not make it attractively protected instead? There’s always a way when there’s a will, as some motivators would say.

Some Ways To Fireproof Your Property Attractively

Use Aesthetically Pleasing Materials

Your property’s materials need not be the straight and white finish fireproof kind. It’s not enough to have fire and safety equipment in every nook of the property at the ready. Your property needs to maintain that lovely look despite having nonflammable materials. 

Ceramic tiles are excellent choices for fireproofing your rental property. They’re fireproof materials that can protect your property and its tenants. You can choose attractive colors and designs that will fit the area’s theme where you want them installed.

Ceramic tiles in a kitchen.

Because they are fire-resistant, ceramic tiles are suitable for use in high-temperature environments, such as the kitchen or the fireplace. 

Decorative glass works can also enhance the look of your bathroom and kitchen. They’re reliable fireproofing materials too. Windows and doors can be fitted with these kinds of glass because they’re resistant to the spread of fire to help save more lives. The design of the rental property will benefit from adding this one-of-a-kind touch provided by the decorative glass. 

You can upgrade and fireproof your wall panels. Use those made from fire-resistant materials such as gypsum board or plaster. They can give your walls texture and interest while providing additional protection against the spread of fire. 

Using furniture crafted from noncombustible materials, such as leather or metal, can lend an air of sophistication to the rental property while lowering the probability of a fire breaking out there. These are only some of the many fire retardants that you can use as materials to add beauty and safety to your property.

There are also some plants, like succulents and cacti, that are naturally resistant to fire. You can plant them in profusion and can be used in the landscaping of your rental property to add greenery and beauty and to be fireproof at the same time.

Install Convenient Features

Many features may upgrade the look and utility of your rental home or office with the added advantage of fireproofing your property.

A Stylish Outdoor Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit is a helpful addition to your general fire safety precautions for your rental property. It may even be a stylish incorporation that will add value to your property. 

Make a designated outdoor location at least ten feet away from structures, trees, or other flammable materials to place the fire pit. Ensure the ground is stable and level before choosing fire-resistant materials like stone, brick, or concrete. They’re materials known to withstand high temperatures, thereby reducing fire risks.

Outdoor firepit example

You can build it stylishly and in various shapes and sizes. To make it attractive, you can add some decorative materials like tiles and colorful and textured stones. No matter the style or design, ensure it can hold fires from materials that need burning at a safer distance.

The fire pit walls can be protected by a fire pit liner which can be purchased ready-made. You can create a liner using noncombustible materials like steel to prevent the fire from consuming the fire pit walls.

A Functional Fireplace And Accessories

There are many designs of stylish fireplaces all over the web and in specialty mags. But some may not have the fireproofing function you are looking for. Find one design to your liking that may complement your rental property, at the same time, give it a secure comfort. 

Brick, stone, or ceramic tiles are all examples of materials that are fire resistant or deterrent. They can all be used to construct a safer fireplace because they can withstand very high temperatures reducing the likelihood of fire breaking out. 

Today, spark guards, screens, and glass doors are already added to your fireplace construction as additional safety accessories. They usually prevent sparks and embers from flying out and causing a fire in the property.

The rental property may need less electric or gas heating if it has a good fireplace to supply all the heating needs. The addition will add value to the property and reduce the power bill while maintaining fire safety.

And, of course, you can always opt for gas or electric fireplaces which can add some ambiance without the added worry of a natural, wood-burning fireplace.

The Smart Smoke Detectors

Today’s technology has provided many safety features that can help you in case of fire. Smart smoke detectors, for instance, can send you mobile alerts if they detect smoke or carbon monoxide in the area they’re installed. It will help you respond quickly and take action to ensure your tenants and property’s safety. 

Smoke detector installed on a ceiling

These detectors can also be connected to your other smart devices and gadgets within the property, like smart lights and thermostats. They can create a comprehensive, innovative home system. So, once the smoke detector is triggered, it can turn on the lights and adjust the thermostats automatically. This system helps tenants evacuate to safety even before help arrives.

Some detectors have voice alerts that can help hear impaired tenants or those with problems locating the entrance and exits in the property. Some also have data tracking systems that alert you of carbon monoxide levels over time. The data can help you identify potential future problems of the property.

They also come in beautiful features that enhance and match your walls, adding attractive features to your rental property.

Clear Your Property Of Fire Hazards

Many materials catch fire easily. The greater their number, the more at risk your rental property of dangerous fire breakouts. 

By removing clutters and flammable materials, you reduce fire hazards on the property. Also, ensure that the wirings are correctly installed and no faulty wirings that may suddenly spark hazardous fires. It’s also often required by local regulatory laws that you clear your property of fire hazards to ensure community safety.

Clearing fire hazards are cost-effective ways to fireproof your property, unlike those expensive solutions like sprinklers and electrical wiring upgrades. This can help categorize the property as a low-risk item that can reduce insurance premiums.

A clean and free-from-clutter property is also pleasing to look at and more comfortable to live in. A well-maintained property will bring tenant satisfaction because they’ll know you care for their well-being and safety.

Communicate A Fire Evacuation Plan

Safety and peace of mind will add comfort for your tenants. These are all attractive features that tenants of all ages will look for in a rental property. So it’s best that you have these features in place in your units.

Your fire evacuation plan outlines the necessary precautions and actions your tenants should take in case there’s a fire on the premises. 

Fire evactuation plan example

It should have specific directions of where to go and exit the building and who to contact in these emergencies. It will help ensure that your tenants can evacuate quickly to safety, minimizing risks of injuries or fatalities. 

The Bottom Line

Many physical features may increase your rental property’s value in the market. But one thing is sure, though, fireproofing your rental property with the attractive features in this content will skyrocket your property values. 

It’s best to explore more insights from the links above for more detailed ideas of fireproofing and adding more attention-getting improvements to your rental property. Please note that the information provided in this fireproofing blog article is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended as professional advice. Always consult a qualified professional for any specific questions or concerns related to fireproofing.

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