Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

50+ Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

Deciding How to Treat Your Exposed Brick or Stone Wall

Having or creating an exposed brick or stone wall is only half the battle. Deciding how to treat it… from the trimwork, to the finish (paint, or natural) to the art you place on it can change the overall appearance of the wall and the room.

Distressed Brick Wall Mid Century Modern Living Room

Source: Galina Lavrishcheva

Dripping Gold Paint on a Gray Painted Brick Wall

Source: Alex Koretskiy

Muted Brick Living Room Wall by Tamara Eaton

Source: Tamara Eaton

Black Exposed Brick Wall with Painted Word Art

Source: Para Design

Part of that decision, of course, has to do with the overall decor aesthetic that you want to achieve. A rustic-looking distressed brick wall may not suit an overall sleek and modern living room. However, with the proper treatments, the options are endless.

White Washed Mid Century Modern Brick Wall

Source: Image Box Studio

Exposed Gray Brick Living Room
Modernist White Brick Fireplace by A Parallel

Source: A-Parallel

The one thing I would caution you is about painting brick walls. Although the look of painted brick walls can be exceptional, once the brick has been painted it is not easy to “un-paint” it. Brick and stone are both porous, so when paint gets on the surface, it soaks in and can be very difficult to remove. Be sure about your decision before you paint that brick wall.

If you’re not 100% sure what you want to do, hang some art for now until you can be sure.

Metal Art Sign on Distressed Brick Wall

(Ok, technically… this probably doesn’t belong in this article. But that sign is FANTASTIC!!!) 

Grey and White Distressed Brick industrial Wall

Source: Index

Stone Walls with Barn Doors


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