Off the Wall

And now for something completely different! These unique, fun, and funny articles simply don’t fit in another category, but were things we absolutely had to write about! 

Off the Wall Funny and Unique

From Dad Jokes to Mom Memes and everything in between, this collection is literally Off the Wall. We picked that name because this collection of articles tackles unusual, fun, or funny topics that are almost never anything you’d see hanging on the wall.

Some are serious. Others are definitely not. Some are melancholic. Others are definitely not.

If they intrigued us, entertained us, or made us laugh – even if they have nothing to do with home decor and design – you will likely find them here.

So, if you are looking for something silly to distract you from your day, we hope one of these unique, fun, and funny articles will do the trick! And don’t be shy… feel free to reach out to us if you have a particular Off the Wall subject that you would like to see covered.

Adorable Corgi Butt Buns

Corgi Butt Buns Are My New Favorite Thing

If you love Corgis, then you’ll love these oddly adorable Corgi Butt buns. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was originally bred to herd cattle, sheep, and horses, but has become a fan favorite among dog owners because of their quirky personalities and super-cute Corgi butts. You really can’t look into the faces of these adorable little …

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The Nostalgic Romance of Abandoned Homes

Old Abandoned Houses | The Hauntingly Beautiful Remnants of Lives Unknown

There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the visual impact of abandoned houses. I suppose it’s similar, in some ways, to the fascination we have with shipwrecks. Although these abandoned homes have been left to decay for entirely different reasons than being sunk to the bottom of the ocean. While some people find themselves drawn to abandoned …

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