Taking Your Halloween Decor Up a Notch

Unique Halloween Decorations to Take Your Halloween Decor Up a Notch

Let’s face it….  Dollar Store Halloween decorations can be fun, but once you reach a certain stage in your life, your family, and your career, you need something with a bit more “oomph”.

Here are a few of the spectacular and unique Halloween decorations the team at Art & Home has hand-selected to help bring your Halloween game to the next level.

Posable Halloween Skeletons

For a little added extra spook, combine with some of the other Crazy Bonez lines of skeleton products, including these unique dog, owl, or snake skeletons can be posted in a variety of ways to create a spooktacular Halloween display.

Or, for something truly unique, check out this fantastic Dragon Skeleton!

Halloween Weathervanes

Halloween Weathervanes create a unique focal point in the garden.  Crafted to endure the outside elements, these Halloween Garden Weathervanes are sure to be a stunning addition to your garden.  

Halloween Tapestry Wall Hangings & Throw Blankets

A unique Halloween decor item that will be a hit at any Halloween Party, these Halloween-themed tapestries come in a variety of designs, sizes, and motifs.

Unique Halloween Decorations for the Garden

From large spooky hanging silhouettes to ghostly garden stakes, these pieces will add an amazing touch to your yard’s Halloween decor.

Halloween Stained Glass Decor

A unique Halloween Decoration that you will enjoy for years to come! These pumpkin stained glass decor items are handcrafted utilizing the traditional copper foil process, making them stunning, fun, and quite a unique addition.

Halloween Candles

The right mood lighting is crucial for good Halloween decor and a great Halloween party.  These Halloween candles put the perfect final touch on your Halloween decorations.  From frame to LED, to sculpture, there’s the right candle (or – if your house is anything like our house – candles) to complete your overall Halloween look.

Enjoy the season, the tricks… and the treats.  Happy Halloween!!!

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