Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

8 Easy Ways to Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

With spring around the corner, many homeowners look to the idea of tackling a little bit of spring cleaning and infusing a bit of life into their interiors. To help inspire your home tune-up, we’ve pulled together 8 easy ways to spruce up your home that you can tackle in an afternoon!

There’s this phase between buying a house and actually making this house your home. Home is where you feel comfortable and surrounded by things you like. But contrary to popular beliefs, turning a house into a home doesn’t have to cost you a fortune.

Even if you’ve been living in the house and feel that you need to add some life to it or give it a refresh, there are ways to do so without compromising your financial well-being. Whatever your goal is, here are different ways to add life to any space.

Wall decorations

The way you decorate the walls in your house has a tremendous impact on the entire house decor. Wall decorations, such as wall tapestries, make the house lively, artsy, put together, and can also help in hiding any imperfections on the wall.

The good news is that if you’re afraid of decor commitment, wall decorations are a suitable option for you. You can decorate your walls with Bouclair wall decor or removable wallpaper without worrying about whether you’ll want to change it in a few years or not.

Add some plants to your house

Some greenery has the power to add so much life to your house. That’s why decorating with plants is a quick and easy way to spruce up your home. It doesn’t have to be only green, you can add many colorful plants to make your house feel lively and fresh (while also acquiring the benefits of having plants in your space).

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to take care of the plants, there are low-maintenance options such as succulents that look just as good.

Paint the walls (or add wallpaper)

If you’ve been living in the same space for some time, or are renting out a relatively old space, there’s a good chance your wall paint needs a refresh. You can take advantage of this situation and change the color altogether if you’re looking for a more dramatic change – or stick to repainting it the same color.

Removable wallpapers are a great way to add a boost of decoration. You can add textured wallpaper to one wall, or add some bright colors!

Add rugs

One easy way to spruce up your home is by adding or replacing area rugs. Rugs add all the fluff, texture, and comfort to your place. They are an incredible decorative option, and their many options to suit all the needs. There are more rug options than you think. There are wool, silk, cotton, bamboo, leather, sheepskin, faux fur, polypropylene, microfiber, and polyester rugs.

There’s an endless list of options when to rugs. You can add a simple one-colored rug, add a sophisticated pattern, o play around with textures. The possibilities are endless.

Change the hardware

Although the hardware isn’t the first thing that catches your attention when you enter the house, it surely does have a great impact on the overall feel of the space. You can either retouch or change the entire hardware of your kitchen cabinets, doorknobs, drawer knobs, and any hardware in the house. All metals don’t have to match – feel free the mix and match between different metals.

Add frames

As mentioned, making a house your home means that you feel comfortable and surrounded by things you love. And what’s a better option than to add some personal pictures and memories you’ll enjoy looking at every day?

Choose some photos of you, your family members, people you love, trips you went on, great memories you have made, and buy some frames from a retailer. There are many affordable options out there.

You can make a collage, add some stand-alone frames, or hang them all over the walls. Depending on where you have empty spaces or blank walls. Having pictures around your space make it much more personal and comfy.

Cozy things up with pillows and throws

Throw blankets and decorative pillows add warmth and coziness to your house and are sure a commitment-free option when it comes to decorating. You can play around with different colors, sizes, and textures without worrying about making a long-term commitment to this decor option.

Throws are also a good option, especially during colder months since they add a lot of warmth to the space. Not to mention how cozy and comfortable they feel to you and your guests.

Add flower vases

Flowers add a lot of life to your space and smell incredible, although the scent doesn’t last a lot. You don’t have to buy expensive flowers, a simple bouquet from a local grocery store will do the job. Simply add the flowers to a vase in your home and you’ll feel the impact.

Spruce Up Your Home This Spring

With the warmer weather on its way, it’s time to start thinking about how you can Spruce Up Your Home this Spring. There are a lot of great ways to do this, and we hope this list has been able to give you some ideas!

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  1. There are plenty of ways to make your home feel new again by adding new elements or switching decor pieces according to season and theme. Colors should be chosen wisely, rugs and curtains play important role in decor too. Thank you for sharing the article.

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