Metal Roof and Ceiling Battens

9 Reasons You Should Consider Roof and Ceiling Battens for Your House

If you’re thinking of updating your house and making some structural changes, you should definitely consider redoing your roof. Damaged materials, unstable roofs, and leaks are no joke and can cause severe problems if not maintained properly. 

If you end up getting a new roof installed, metal roof and ceiling battens might be the best choice for you compared to traditional timber battens. 

Here are nine reasons why you should consider getting roof and ceiling battens for your house: 

Keeps Plasterboard Protected and Secure

Some people use plasterboard to get a roof looking smooth and even. The advantage of roof and ceiling battens is that they keep the plasterboard protected and secure since it can be attached to the metal battens. 

Metal battens also give you a good grip for plasterboard and prevent any cracks or breaks from appearing. Plasterboard is also easier to cut into straight lines that are then secured against the straight edges of the metal battens. 

You Get a Flat Ceiling Every Time 

Metal battens hold their shape over time. If you have a ceiling that is uneven or has bumps, then metal battens can be used to smooth out the ceiling and get it completely flat. This increases the aesthetic appeal of your home. Additionally, timber beams can warp over time or swell due to water damage. 

No Shrinkage Problems

Another problem with wooden battens is that they face shrinkage over time. Wood can warp or change as a response to the environment. As for metal roof and ceiling battens, they are made with high tensile material, which means they are specifically designed to hold their shape and stay in the position they are placed in.   

Lower Maintenance

Metal battens also require very little maintenance. With timber, you would have to replace rotten beams and battens very often. Once metal battens have been installed, they do not need to be replaced for years, which means that you save on time and money. 


Metal roof and ceiling battens are very durable. They are not susceptible to extreme weather conditions like rain, humidity, or harsh sunlight. They are also rot-free, fire-resistant, and rust-proof.  

Quick and Easy Installation 

It is not a good idea to be in your house while your roof is being worked on for safety reasons. However, it can be very inconvenient to have to leave your house while work is being done. Metal battens are quick and easy to install, which cuts down the time you have to be away from your house. Metal battens are also easy to store and safer to install because of their rolled safety edges. 

A Good Long-Term Investment 

It’s not every day that you get major renovation and structural changes for your home. If you go to the trouble, you want to make sure that whatever changes you make last for a long time. Metal roof and ceiling battens are an excellent long-term investment. You may have to spend more money upfront on materials and installation, but you won’t need to replace the battens for up to 50 years. You also won’t have to do any maintenance work or costly repairs. 

Add Soundproofing 

If you want a peaceful and quiet house, metal battens are the way to go. Roof and ceiling battens offer a layer of soundproofing as soundwaves are prevented from traveling through the material. You can also use metal ceiling battens to keep sound from traveling between your house’s ground and top floors. 

Variety and Choice 

Metal battens offer a lot of choice with where you use them. You can use them inside the house as well as on the roof. Metal battens are also available in different sizes and shapes. You also get a lot of variety in materials, different metal grades, and coatings. 

Our Final Thoughts 

Home renovation and structural changes are significant investments. Once you get renovations done, you want to rest assured that your house is secure and well-structured and that you won’t have to worry about further renovations for a long time to come. This is why, when it comes to your roofs and ceilings, metal battens are the way to go. 

Metal battens offer you many advantages over timber battens. They are more durable, have a longer lifetime, don’t require much maintenance, and they offer you a smooth and aesthetic finish. 

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