Gerardia Stained Glass & Metal 2 Panel Room Divider


Looking for a unique and beautiful way to add some privacy to your space? Look no further than the Gerardia Stained Glass & Metal 2 Panel Room Divider.

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Looking for a unique and beautiful way to add some privacy to your space? Look no further than the Gerardia Stained Glass & Metal 2 Panel Room Divider. Perfect for creating a dramatic focal point while creating private or separate areas inside a larger space.

Possibly one of the most beautiful privacy screens you will ever encounter!! If you don’t count the others in our stained glass privacy screen collection, of course.

Every Meyda Tiffany item is a unique handcrafted work of art. Natural variations in the wide array of materials that we use to create each Meyda product make every item a masterpiece of its own. Photographs are a general representation of the product. Colors and designs will vary.

Gerardia Stained Glass & Metal 2 Panel Room Divider Features

  • Size: 63″ H x 52″ W
  • Colors include: Pink, Mauve, Green, & Beige
  • Limited 1 Year Warranty

A truly gorgeous piece that will make for a dramatic focal point in your home!

Stained Glass is Always Perfectly Imperfect

The many different techniques that are used to create stained glass can lead to a number of different seeming “imperfections” in a finished piece. This can include uneven tinting, odd color hues, bubbles, cracking lines or ‘seeds’. Over time, these became part of the practice of creating authentic stained glass pieces and are often purposefully incorporated into the glass for artistic effect.

For centuries, stained glass artisans have experimented with the use of deliberate flaws and variations in the glass to add texture and realism to their design. That is why you will sometimes see what appears to be a bubble, a color change or even what looks like hairline cracks. What appears to be flaws are – indeed – what make each piece of stained glass perfect and unique.

All Stained Glass Panels & Windows are special order items. Based on the complexity, available materials and design popularity, windows can take anywhere from 2 – 8 weeks for delivery. If you have a specific deadline, please contact us by email in advance of placing your order so that we can confirm availability and estimated delivery times.

Please Note: Due to the fragile nature of these products, additional shipping and handling charges may apply. If the amount quoted in the shopping cart is not sufficient to cover the cost to ship the item to your location, you will be contacted with an exact quote and have the option to complete or cancel the order based upon the revised shipping costs.

Image shown is for reference only, due to nature of stained glass products, some natural color variation will occur.

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