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Adjustable Standing Desks – The Healthier Work From Home Alternative

Adjustable Standing Desks – otherwise known as Sit and Stand desks – are making a big impact on the bottom line… pun intended. Not only are they being shown to improve your  health, fitness, and morale, but they can also help to improve productivity. As a small business owner or home office worker, these small things can make a big impact.

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Anyone who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, whether that be for a company or their own business, knows what a toll sitting in the same position can take on your body. Adjustable standing desks let you switch between a seated position and a standing position quickly and easily throughout the day to improve blood flow.

Height adjustable desks have become increasingly popular over the last few years. With that popularity comes an increased variety in sit and stand desks, both when it comes to cost and design style.

Hillsdale Height Adjustable Corner Sit & Stand Desk

You may have heard people refer to sitting as β€œthe new smoking.” More and more research says that a sedentary lifestyle including sitting for several hours a day is linked to a host of health problems, including weight gain, cardiovascular issues, muscle degeneration, osteoporosis, and even diabetes. With a height-adjustable desk, you have the freedom to stand and sit at intervals during your workday and make a positive change for your health. You may even find yourself more alert at work when you stand and increase blood flow and circulation.

In many ways, those who work in an office – even if it’s a home office – have become a stationery workforce. Especially when dealing with anything online, computer or marketing related, most of our job is done using a desk and a computer. But spending too much time sitting at a desk can have significant detrimental effects on your health, wellness, and productivity.

Modern Adjustable Sit & Stand Desk

More and more studies are showing that – whenever possible – desk workers should get off their behinds, stand up, and take movement breaks. But it’s not necessarily easy to put away that current project and just walk away, and traditional desks are not created in a way that makes simple movement breaks easy to achieve. One solution that is gaining popularly combines the best of both worlds through the use of Sit & Stand desks.

Sit & Stand Desks Aren’t Just for Big Companies

Sit & Stand desks are adjustable so that you can use the workstation while seated, or you can “lift” the entire desktop up so that you can continue working while in a standing position. They can either be purchased as complete units (full sit & stand desk/workstations) or as add-ons to your current configuration (adjustable desk risers that you place on top of your current desk).

Browse Adjustable Standing Desks

Sit & Stand desks have been shown to have the following positive benefits:

  • Standing burns 50 more calories per hour than sitting
  • Studies have shown that the average American could increase their life expectancy 2 years simply by cutting the standard six hours of sitting time in half
  • Physical activity, including standing, helps reduce the risk of certain types of cancer compared to long periods remaining seated
  • The simple act of standing can improve your poster & core strength

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Lamantia Standing Desk

Lamantia Standing Desk

Add a little versatility to your home office or workspace with this Lamantia Lift-Top Standing Desk. The partial desktop lifts up and forwards to give you the option to sit or stand while working on the job. No doubt, this lifting desk feature provides improved health benefits and increased productivity.

Babin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Babin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Keeping you and your team healthy doesn’t have to be tricky these days: just try adding standing desks like this one to your workplace! Perfect for today’s offices, this desk features a digital control that can be programmed to remember three of your favorite heights.

Ferndown Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Ferndown Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Showcasing an industrial-inspired silhouette, its desktop is crafted from mango wood, and it sits atop metal feet and angled braces for stability. An industrial-style crank allows you to manually move the desktop up or down, so you can sit or stand depending on your mood.

Elon Adjustable Standing Desk

Hooker Furniture Elon Standing Desk

This hard-working configurable workstation create a custom built-in cabinetry look, with the convenience of a standing desk built right it! Hooker Furniture is recognized as one of the nation’s leading furniture companies.

Malone Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Malone Height Adjustable Standing Desk

This adjustable standing desk with an openwork steel base makes it a great option for everything from industrial-inspired abodes to modern farmhouses. Made from solid wood and wood veneer in a rustic Biscayne weathered finish with industrial style metal and wood sawhorse legs.

Airlift S3 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Airlift S3 Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Rise higher and go lower with three-section telescopic legs. It’s the perfect sit-stand desk for users taller than 6 feet.

Albin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Albin Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Sleek, simple, and modern, this 20.5″x 38″ desktop provides a clean silhouette with rounded corners, offering plenty of space for your laptop, keyboard, and desktop accessories.

Tedford Height Adjustable Sit and Stand Desk

Tedford Height Adjustable Sit and Stand Desk

Upgrade any office with this sleek standing desk! Its desktop features a cherry stain on its sides, and a sleek black glass surface, with a single partitioned drawer, is great for storing accessories. Its functional features include an LED corner display to let you raise the desk and a timer that allows you to set reminders to get up and move!

Lynde Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Lynde Height Adjustable Standing Desk

Reminiscent of converted factories and trendy downtown dwellings, this rugged writing desk brings industrial character to any space you call home. It’s crafted from manufactured wood with distressed pine wood veneers that give it a reclaimed look.

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Many experts believe that sitting for extended periods of time can have adverse health effects. By standing at a desk, you are able to stretch the muscles in your legs and back as well as engage those core muscles all while getting some extra movement throughout the day. Standing desks also help increase energy levels which allows you to be more active during work hours with less fatigue. There is no reason not to try out a standing desk if they really do improve these areas!

Adding movement throughout the day with adjustable standing desks has been shown to boost energy levels while also reducing stress making for more productive work hours.

Are Sit & Stand Desks Hard to Get Used To?

Not necessarily! While some people may need a few days to adjust, others can do it right away. Even if it does take some time to adjust, but the productivity gains are well worth it.

The hardest thing to get used to with a standing desk is to remind yourself to stand. Having the desk itself doesn’t do much good if you keep it in the lowered position all the time. It’s like that treadmill that sits in the corner of the bedroom and acts as a backup clothes rack.

If you really want to experience the physical and mental health benefits of a standing desk, you have to – you know – stand up. πŸ™‚

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    Great article! Whoever came up with the idea of standing desks is brilliant. It’s really helpful especially for employees who sit at their desks for long hours every day. I am currently working at home, and just recently bought one for myself. Since then, I no longer get the same back pain compared to when I am not using a sitting desk before.

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