40+ Spectacular Gingerbread Houses

Spectacular Gingerbread Houses

Beautiful Blue Gingerbread House

Blue Victorian Gingerbread House

Source: Food & Wine Magazine

This piece looks far, far too pretty to eat. I adore the leaded and stained glass windows, as well as the working clock above the front door.

Dr. Who’s Gingerbread Tardis

Dr. Who's Gingerbread Tardis

Source: BuzzFeed

For Doctor Who fans, we present the classic icon from the show in Gingerbread form.

Quaint Victorian Gingerbread House

Quaint Victorian Gingerbread House

Source: Goodies By Anna

In case you haven’t noticed it by now, we are quite a fan of Anna’s work when it comes to creating spectacular gingerbread houses.

Copper Roof Gingerbread Farmhouse

Copper Roof Gingerbread Farmhouse

Source: The Food Network

It may look simple, but don’t let that fool you. This Gingerbread House looks more like an architectural model than it does an edible treat. I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of time and attention to intricate details that went into making an exceptionally charming and realistic country farmhouse.

Chinese Temple Gingerbread

Chinese Temple Gingerbread

Source: CNN.com

Complete with a parade dragon, this colorful masterpiece is a stunner.

Charming Victorian Gingerbread Farmhouse

Victorian Gingerbread Farmhouse

Source: Pinterest.com

A classic Victorian Gingerbread Farmhouse, this may be one of the simpler entries in this collection but it is still quite lovely.  I adore the candy cane Christmas Trees!

Two Story Walk-in Gingerbread House at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco

Two Story Walk-in Gingerbread House

Source: ShopEatSleep

Featured in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco during the holiday season of 2016, this 22 foot tall, two-story gingerbread house was built over a wooden frame. Hotel Chefs added nearly 8,000 individual pieces of gingerbread as well as hundreds of pounds of icing and candy. Because visitors (mainly children) had a tendency to sample the edible parts of the house, the hotel’s executive pastry chef, Kimberly Tighe, and her staff had to rebuild and repair parts of the house every day during holiday season. The house features a balcony, an electric train that runs in and out of the house, cookie trim, a clock, gingerbread bricks, and icing mortar.

Beverly Wilshire Gingerbread Hotel

Beverly Wilshire Gingerbread Hotel

Source: LA Mag

Another Grand Hotel themed Gingerbread creating, this gingerbread version of the 1926 landmark was created by the hotel’s executive pastry chef, Chris Ford.

Venetian Gingerbread House

Venetian Gingerbread House

Source: Explore Asheville

I can picture this lovely house on the Grand Canals of Venice. Complete with an edible Gondola, this lovely creation is resplendent.

Gingerbread Castle

Gingerbread Castle

Source: Pinterest.com

A classic Fairy Tale castle is recreated using gingerbread and tonne of blue and white icing.

Grand Prize Winning Victorian Gingerbread Mansion

Grand Prize Winning Victorian Gingerbread Mansion

Source: Fodor’s Travel

We end the tour of spectacular Gingerbread Houses with the winner from the 2016 National Gingerbread House Competition.  Beatriz Müller of Ontario, Canada took home the big prize that year for her intricately detailed Victorian style gingerbread house.

Ideas for Your Gingerbread Houses

We hope you have enjoyed this collection of spectacular gingerbread houses (and other things made of gingerbread), and that it has inspired some ideas for your delightful and delicious gingerbread creations.

I can honestly say that I could have continued to collect these delicious Gingerbread Houses forever… but I got hungry.

All the best!

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