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When you look at Tree of Life decor accents, do you see an ornate accent or an ancient symbol with revered meaning? The beautiful designs featured in Tree of Life decor are full of symbolism that has been passed down through history. Many people choose to hang these symbolic pieces inside their homes as a way to celebrate the beauty and unity of life. If you’re interested in learning more about what they mean and bringing some into your home, read on!

The Symbolic Elegance of Tree of Life Decor Accents

The Tree of Life is rooted in many different cultures from across the globe. It appears as a motif in artwork ranging from Ancient Chinese pottery to stained glass windows from Medieval cathedrals. In Judaism it is a symbol of the Torah. In the Christian faith, it is a representation of Jesus Christ, as well as being an important motif in other cultures that span into Asia and throughout the Middle East.

The Tree of Life has significance in many religions all across the world; it’s inclusion in various faiths around the globe makes it an appropriate piece to showcase inside your home.

The Tree of Life decor often features leaves with lines on them to represent growth and continuous renewal. The branches are seen as radiating out from one central point, which represents the Tree’s connection between heaven and earth. It’s rebirth cycle illustrates the importance of birth, life, death and renewal. Life is celebrated as beautiful in Tree of Life art because it connects us all with one another.

The many leaves that make up a Tree of Life symbolize that within each individual there is something infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. Each leaf has an important part to play in making up the whole tree, just as your existence makes up something much larger than yourself alone. When you look at this Siva Nataraja statue featuring Shiva dancing on top of a demon’s head surrounded by leaves, it reinforces this idea that we are all connected and we need to learn to humbly work together and celebrate each other’s uniqueness.

Tree of Life Tapestry Wall Decor

Another important symbolic element that appears in Tree of Life decor is the fruit that hangs from its branches. This fruit depicts how the tree gives itself away. In Christianity, an apple signifies knowledge and original sin, but also represents health and immortality when it is consumed during Holy Communion. Tree of Life decor featuring apples symbolizes one giving their life in service to others.

There’s a sense of unity in Tree of Life decor because it shows how all living things are connected. Every man, woman and child is important when considering the whole of the Tree.

The roots that grow down into earth depict how we, too can connect ourselves to the goodness around us by acknowledging our roots; accepting responsibility for our actions; and treating others with respect even if they are very different than us.

When you see a Tree with an apple on it, then you are seeing a Tree of Life decor item that symbolizes the Great Tree of Knowledge from the Garden of Eden in the Christian faith. This is why apples are often seen as symbols for knowledge and original sin.

No matter what culture you hail from or what your religious beliefs may be, there’s something fascinating about looking at stunning pieces like this Tree of Life pendant featuring the seven continents beautifully etched onto its leaves. Every piece of Tree of Life decor helps us celebrate our world’s diversity and appreciate how every continent, island, and body of water is very much a part of one Tree.

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