How to Clean Bathtub Rust Stains

How to Get Rid of Rust Stains in the Bathtub

If rust stains in the bathtub are driving you crazy, it’s time to take action. Rust stains in the bathtub can be caused by a number of different factors including rusting pipes, rusting fixtures and even rusting metal objects like sponges or brushes.

Nobody likes those unsightly rust stains in a bathtub. After all, this is a place where you are supposed to get clean! But before you embark on a massive bathroom renovation just to get rid of some pesky rust stains, check out some of the ways to remove rust stains from your bathtub. And if one doesn’t work for you then try another!

In this article, we will discuss how to get rid of rust stains in the bathroom- from using baking soda and vinegar to using Coca-Cola and lemon juice! As always, please remember that his is based on my own personal experience and should not be taken as professional advice. If you have a serious rust problem or are worried about damaging your existing tub, you should always consult a professional!

What Causes Bathtub Rust Stains?

First, if rust stains are caused by rusting metal objects like sponges or brushes in the tub then it’s time to clean them using soap and water. Once they’re dry put them away in a place where you won’t get rust onto your bathtub.

If rust is coming from the pipes of your plumbing system, there may be some ways that you can fix this on your own without having to call someone for help. If possible look at the exposed parts of your piping for signs of rust so you know what area needs attention- usually this will just be one part rather than all over!

You may also find that a water softener or water filtration system could be helpful for removing some of these rust particles from the water before it even gets into the tub.

If rust stains are coming from the fixtures in your bathroom you may want to take a look at how old they are before trying any solutions. If these fixtures have been there for some time, replacing them might be the best solution rather than attempting rust removal!

That being said, if rust is only on one part of your fixture try cleaning it first with steel wool soaked in vinegar. Make sure the entire fixture is covered by this mixture after which rinse off all traces of rust with clean water before drying carefully.

Now use white toothpaste (not gel) to rub into the area where rust was- leave for between 20 minutes or overnight depending on how much rust has built up then wipe away gently using a damp cloth.

If rust stains are very severe or you just don’t want to mess around with rust removal yourself, call a plumber who will be able to help! Usually, they can fix the pipeline issue that’s causing rust in your bathtub so it won’t happen again.

They may also have rust removers which you can buy and use on your own if necessary- ask them first about this before buying anything though as some rust removers should only be used by professionals.

Another option is calling someone who specializes in restoring old fixtures like faucets – these restoration services usually include removing rust from surfaces using chemicals of various kinds including hydrofluoric acid (HF). If none of these options work you then simply replace the fixture that is rusting!

Lastly, if you’re on a well, you may find that your water itself is higher in iron, which can be leading to rust stains in all of your bathroom fixtures. If

Because these kinds of rust stains on your tub are a result of high iron, you may want to invest in a water softener that will remove the rust from your bathtub.

Keep in mind that there is no real need for rust removal if rust only appears as small dots or flecks all over the tub. This can usually be left alone, as it is not likely to cause damage to the structural integrity of the bathtub. Although they certainly aren’t pretty, so you may want to get rid of them no matter how small they are!

However, if rust has started to form pools it’s time to take action and get rid of them before they can cause more damage. You should also remove rust stains that appear around faucets because these could corrode metal fixtures very quickly resulting in costly repairs down the line so don’t delay when it comes to removing rust stains at home once they start appearing!

How to Clean Rust Stains From Your Bathtub

How to Clean Rust Stains From Your Bathtub

Removing rust from your bathtub is a matter of finding out what works for your specific type and location of rust stain(s) so it’s important not to jump into something without doing research first! You can use rust removers to get rid of rust stains in the bathtub, but you should be careful about which rust removal product you choose.

If one method doesn’t work then try another- if that one fails too, don’t give up just yet as there are likely other ways around this issue!

Rust Removers Such as CLR

If rust stains are very bad you may want to try rust removers like CLR (Calcium, Lime & Rust Remover) which can be used on both porcelain and fiberglass. Simply spray this rust removal product onto the area where rust is present- do not let it dry before rinsing off with water!

Once all of the rust has been removed from your bathtub give it a good cleaning using soap or an abrasive cleaner if necessary. You should also check for any other parts that need attention such as faucet fixtures at this time- remember rust will travel so make sure everything is clean and in working order!

Finally, after rinsing well, buff up areas around bathroom fixtures with steel wool dipped

Baking Soda and Vinegar

This is one of the best ways to get rid of rust stains in bathtubs – simply mix together equal parts baking soda and white distilled vinegar, apply this mixture directly onto rust stains with either a sponge or scouring pad then scrub it into the surface before letting sit for half an hour (longer if rusting has been very severe).

Another method uses a pot filled with boiling tap water from your tap. Pour this over the rust stain so that it completely covers the spot and THEN add half a cup of baking soda followed by two cups of vinegar. You can stir if necessary but try not to splash any mixture onto other areas as this could cause damage.

Leave overnight before rinsing away carefully using warm water and soap – be sure all traces have been removed before going into the tub again yourself!

If there’s still some rust left behind repeat these steps until no more can be removed.

Alternatively, sprinkle baking powder on top of the rust and add a few drops of white distilled vinegar directly onto the rust – leave to sit for an hour before scrubbing and rinsing everything off carefully.

This rust removal method is great for rust stains that are on porcelain, fiberglass or enamel surfaces including bathtubs!

Using CocaCola to Remove Rust Stains

This rust removal method involves pouring cola (or other carbonated drink) directly onto rust stains before scrubbing it in with a brush or scouring pad. The acidity of the soda will work to eat away at rust so you can wipe off once rust has been removed- be sure to rinse well after letting sit for half an hour!

After removing rust, clean the tub using soap and water then dry well. If there are still some rust particles left behind repeat these steps until no more can be cleaned up. You may also want to consider buffing any fixtures nearby again if they were affected by rust as this might help them look better too!

Once I learned about this, it sort of soured my love of a cold glass of Coke, but I suppose that’s not such a bad thing!

For an added rust-removal boost, boil half a liter of Coca-Cola in a pot along with the juice from one lemon. Place this mixture over your rust stain so it covers completely before leaving overnight – be sure not to splash any mixture onto other areas as this could cause damage. Repeat if necessary but rinse away carefully using warm water and soap before finally drying thoroughly!

How to Prevent Bathtub Rust Stains

How To Prevent Bathtub Rust Stains

Now that you’ve gotten rid of those pesky rust stains, it’s important to try to keep them from building up again. Prevention

Be sure to clean up any rust particles as soon as they appear on anything frequently used around the tub area to get rid of them before the rusting has had time to set in.

Make sure there’s no water left on surfaces overnight by using a drip tray under bath spouts and remove all items from shower floors immediately after use (you can even keep an old towel hanging there just for this purpose).

Be careful not to let hair products sit on porcelain either since these can really exacerbate rust problems – also be sure shampoo bottles are sealed.

Avoid using rust-prone items in the bathtub such as metal shower racks and curtain rods – even shaving cream cans – stick to plastic or glass instead.

By taking these extra care steps rust stains in the bathtub will be a thing of the past! No more worrying about rust stains in the bathtub even if they’re caused by an old, rusty shower rack – just follow one of these rust removal methods carefully so you can maintain your tub right from day one!

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