How to Add Modern Floristry to Log Cabins

Blending Nature with Design: Elevate Log Cabins With Modern Floristry

The beauty of log cabins is how they naturally incorporate nature into their very design. Even a more modern log cabin will benefit from natural floral touches, and modern floristry can add to the living comfort and overall appeal of a creatively crafted log living space without taking away from its woodsy appeal.

What is modern floristry? What are some ways you can incorporate modern floristry around your log cabin property? How does it add aesthetic appeal to your log cabin? Learn more about how you can use floral touches to help you maximize your log cabin lifestyle. Whether you live in your log cabin year-round or use your property as a vacation home, the right colorful and textured touches will make your living space even more enjoyable.

Exterior Flowers Log Cabin

Modern Floristry in a Nutshell

As the name implies, modern floristry is the utilization of modern and trending floral techniques to make living spaces and landscapes more cohesive and colorful. It takes arranging flowers and landscape pieces to a new level, keeping creativity, sustainability, and personality in mind.

You can incorporate flowers and flowering shrubbery into your log cabin’s design in several ways. From placing year-round blooms around your yard to help with drainage and add beautiful dimension to your yard to bringing succulents and other greenery indoors, there are many ways you can use modern floral accents and gardens to make your log cabin even more woodsy and inviting.

Planting Perennials

Planting perennials can be particularly beneficial in any landscape surrounding any log cabin. This is due to not only the hardiness of these types of plants, but the charming way they come back annually. Perennials like hollyhocks, sage, and marrow can be used in place of regular curbing and sidewalks to not only add beauty and dimension to your property’s exterior, but to also help with moisture drainage from your home.

Planting Local Fauna

If you want to give your log cabin an authentic appeal, plant as many native flowers in your garden or walkways as possible. This ties your log cabin home to the elements that surround it. You can still incorporate some non-native or exotic plants of your choosing (think passion flower, Brazilian fuchsia, or even hibiscus) to add a custom bouquet effect to your more original landscape to give your log cabin’s exterior a personal touch.

Adding Sustainability

There are several ways you can utilize modern floristry in your landscape in ways that promote sustainability. Planting edible flowers is not only a modern approach to gardening, it allows you access to delightful blooms you’ve likely never thought you could use in culinary creations. Consider planting the following:

  • Bee plant (also helpful for bees)
  • Amaranth
  • Evening primrose
  • Chamomile
  • Calendula (a delightfully orange blossom)
  • Pansy (easy to find locally and grow)
  • Marigold

You also contribute to sustainability when you shop locally for your plants, supporting small business and the natural zone allowances for where your log cabin home resides. Keep in mind that any annuals you plant have to be replanted every year because they don’t re-bloom the way perennials do.

Adding Houseplants in a Log Cabin

How Does Modern Floristry Add Aesthetic Appeal to Your Log Cabin?

Log cabins are designed to be rustic and woodsy in their very appeal, so any floral and fauna you add to your cabin’s exterior will help bring out the best in its features and pay homage to this classic home structure. While hardscaping and other streamlined touches work well for more traditional-style homes, log cabins are most at home with lots of varying textures and colors in plant life.

Adding To The Rustic Landscape

If you’re thinking about purchasing a log cabin, you’ll find that many of the charming features of log cabins you’re drawn to are more than just the structures themselves. You’re attracted to the charming flowering trees, ever-blossoming perennials, and classic garden beds surrounding these log homes. Modern floristry adds a bright appeal and welcoming charm that a log cabin by itself may not present.

Modernizing Your Log Cabin Home

Perhaps you’re seeking ways to modernize you log cabin and make it more like a cozy retreat than a rustic getaway. If this is the case, adding exotic blooms like birds of paradise or double peonies mixed in with exotic grasses and shrubbery can make your living space more modern and engaging to be in and can really bring your personal touches to life.

Don’t forget about adding succulents and other indoor plants, such as hanging ferns, indoors to give your log cabin a touch of soft nature on the inside. It helps break up the interior log design that is ever-present throughout your home and adds dimension to the space.

Loving Your Log Cabin Through Flowers

Whether you live in your log cabin on a full-time basis or you simply want to make your vacation getaway home more vibrant and welcoming, flowers can teach you to love your log home in several ways. Even a single hanging basket outside your main entry door creates a symbol of love and welcome without taking away from the classic appeal of your log cabin you already love. Explore local greenhouses and your own backyard to get inspired so you can add modern floristry to your living space.

Don’t Have a Green Thumb? Consider a Floristry-Themed Tapestry Instead!

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