Kokopelli Southwestern Decor

Kokopelli Decor | The Epitome of Southwestern Style

The Kokopelli is a symbol that has been around for thousands of years. Now Kokopelli Decor has become a staple of Southwestern decor and a symbol of unique elegance.

Known primarily as a fertility deity who is most often pictured as a humpbacked figure playing the flute, the Kokopelli is revered by many Native American cultures across the Southwestern US. As with most deities related to the concept of fertility, their power goes beyond the idea of human conception and they preside over both childbirth and agricultural fertility, bringing strong children and good crops.

The Kokopelli is also known as a bit of a trickster and is considered to represent the spirit of music (hence the flute).  He is often shown in a pose playing, dancing and generally enjoying the spirit of life, which makes sense given his connection to life via fertility.  After all, if life is not fertile – in whatever way you want to define that word – then what’s the point.

In recent years, the modern version of Kokopelli has become symbolic of the Southwestern US, and the image adorns countless products, and we art Art & Home have managed to acquire a substantial collection of Kokopelli wall art as part of our Southwestern Metal Wall Art collection that we feel is truly outstanding.

The Stories Behind the Kokopelli

Beyond the aspects of fertility that are at the basis of Kokopelli legend, many people believe that Kokopelli was actually considered to be more of a storyteller and a “conveyor of information and trinkets from afar.”

As such, Kokopelli was considered to have had the gift of languages with an amazing repertoire of storytelling skills, with both words and body language, to complement his many other talents.

An apprentice often accompanied him in his travels and trade, therefore Kokopelli was considered to be a very important link between cultures, communities, and distance.  Upon his often noisy arrival, which included the banging and clanging of all of the products from afar that he had dangling on himself, signaled to the entire community that they needed to be prepared for a night of entertainment and trade.

Even to this day, it is not uncommon for a visitor who brings news, stories, or wares from a far off place to be referred to as Kokopelli.

Kokopelli Decor for the Southwest Home

Here are just a few of our favorite Kokopelli decor items from the Art & Home collection.

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