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Guest & Sponsored Home Decor Posts

From time to time, Art & Home works with commercial brands to provide content that is of added value to our readers through sponsored home decor guest posts.

We do not accept every offer from a brand looking for a brand mention or sponsored post, but we do carefully review each offer to ensure:

  • Unique, quality content that our readers will find interesting
  • Quality brands that Art & Home is willing to be associated with

We do not accept biased content that is thinly veiled as editorial or SEO link requests. All posts must be unique, well written, relevant and of value to our readers before they will be considered for publication.

We do get a lot of requests for guest and sponsored post placement, so please be patient with us if we do not respond right away.

How Guest & Sponsored Posts are Handled

Art & Home handles guest & sponsored posts in a variety of ways (see rate card below):

  • Unique articles created by us on behalf of a commercial brand
  • Guest posts by authoritative authors with relevant information to share

Other PR Opportunities

At Art & Home we love working with cool brands and discovering unique products. For that reason, we are open to other PR relationships, including:

  • Product Reviews: Art & Home assures honest reviews; all opinions expressed are our own. Providing a product for review does NOT require Art & Home to post a positive review. If a particular product has rendered an uniquely negative experience, Art & Home reserves the right to post an honest review or refrain from posting a review at their discretion.
  • Product Giveaway: Art & Home will review potential giveaway offerings to make sure they align with our readers.

How our readers can identify Guest & Sponsored Posts

All posts by Guest Authors, included paid placements, are included in our Guest House category so that readers know these have been created by other experts in the home and garden field.

Home Decor Guest Posts

Sponsored Post Rate Card

Art & Home has a Domain Authority of 34 and over 11,000 users per month generating 45,000 average page views per month… and we continue to grow.

We also have an active presence on Pinterest, with 3.5 Million monthly viewers and over 209,000 monthly engagements as well as Twitter, where we are proud to have over 5,000 followers. (Social engagement stats are as of Sept 24, 2019).

Our current rate card is as follows:

  • Edit, proof, design and publish a unique editorial, non-commercial post written by you for an administration cost of $250 USD – payable at time of publication
  • Get a 1,000 – 1,200-word article written for you about your brand, for an administration cost of $500 USD – payable in advance

This rate card is subject to change without notice.

Our rates are based on the industry research, and supported by the recent post by Hobo with a Laptop to ensure fairness to our commercial partners, to the team at Art & Home, and to our readers.

Art and Home Decor Blog Sponsored Post Rate Card

Included in the sponsored cost fee:

  • Writing, editing, and proofing (as applicable) content that is relevant to our readers
  • Sourcing & editing appropriate images to support the content
  • Promotion of the article to our Twitter & Pinterest followers.

Follow vs No Follow Links

Although we believe in the value of providing our readers with links to additional resources, we do not sell links. Therefore sponsored placement does not guarantee that all links provided will be followed links.

Link Follow vs No Follow will be determined based on the quality of the content being linked to and its relevance to our readers. Editorial, informative content will have a much higher likelihood of being coded as a follow link than purely promotional content.

Samples of Previous Sponsored Home Decor Guest Posts

You are welcome to browse a few of our current Sponsored Home Decor Guest Posts examples to get a feel for the type and quality of posts we provide to our readers and to our commercial partners.

As you will see, we are quite selective about the articles we allow on Art & Home. This is one of the reasons why businesses prefer working with us over other blogs.

Affiliate Partners

Art & Home is a family-run website, but we need compensation to operate just like any other website on the internet. In addition to sponsored post opportunities, we may receive consideration for any traffic and/or sales referred by us to our retail partners.

Ready to Partner through
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If you are a commercial enterprise looking to partner with Art & Home to provide exposure to our dedicated readers, please feel free to contact us for additional information.