The Joys of Writing a Home Decor Blog

The Joys of Writing a Home Decor Blog

One of the best things about writing a home decor blog is the subject matter. Imagine getting to look at beautiful things all day, and that’s your job!

Sometimes, I’ll look at a beautiful piece of furniture or an amazing room shot and just say WOW!! Those are the pieces that I love to share.

Dark Gray Painted Exposed Stone Bedroom Wall

Image Source: Clever Ways to Feature Exposed Brick & Stone Inside Your Home

There are so many pretty things that I get to admire on a daily basis. From gorgeous area rugs to unique pieces of canvas wall art, extraordinary furniture and cool decor accents. Every piece has something unique about it, and I get to discover and share it with my readers.

Astoria Grand | Ballas Panel Ivory Area Rug

Image: Astoria Grand | Ballas Panel Ivory Area Rug

Granted, not every piece that I feature would be something I’d have in my own home. As a home decor blogger, it’s important to understand your own personal style does not always match that of every reader. Therefore, it’s important to look at the aesthetic value of a piece, even if it’s not your own style, and appreciate it for what it would or could do for another person’s home.

Vintage Bird Panels Metal Wall Art | Set of 2

Image: Vintage Bird Panels Metal Wall Art | Set of 2

There are even pieces that may not have a significant aesthetic uniqueness. Some pieces could be considered – by some – as boring. But they are often foundational pieces that are required as a base for almost every home decor. That’s why they get featured as well.

And, besides, even simple can be pretty.

Elle Decor | Aurie Coffee Table

Image: Elle Decor | Aurie Coffee Table

Personally, I love a variety of styles. If I could include all those styles in my own home, it would become one of the most eclectic places you could possibly imagine. But, I know enough to keep my interior design somewhat focused.  Plus, there’s only a certain amount of wall space in my home. No matter how hard I tried, I could never hang every piece of art I’ve ever loved in one house.

Shadow Orchids by Liz Jardine I Acrylic Painting Print on Canvas
Shadow Orchids II by Liz Jardine | Acrylic Painting Print on Canvas

Image: Shadow Orchids I & Shadow Orchids II by Liz Jardine

So, my outlet for the pieces that I love but can’t have has become the foundation of Art & Home.

When I find a new partner, a new site, or a new trend… I get to go “shopping” without actually spending any money. I browse through new collections to find what’s cool and trending, or old collections – because sometimes the most beautiful things aren’t discovered until years after they are released.

Astoria Grand | Elton Double Bar Cabinet Credenza

Image: Astoria Grand | Elton Double Bar Cabinet Credenza

In my mind, I can redecorate living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, or any place inside or outside of the home that I choose.

And if, during that process, I can inspire or assist others who are trying to create the home of their dreams, that’s all the better.

Modloft Platform Bed

Image: Modloft Prince Upholstered Leather Platform Bed

Home decor blogging… It’s a beautiful thing.

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