Beauty and Practicality Come Together with Unique Hall Chests

Unique Hall Chests Provide Beauty & Practicality

What I love about unique hall chests is the dual purpose that they serve.  The uniqueness of the design and craftsmanship creates a stunning focal point in the hallway, often becoming an important part of the first impression of the home. The storage aspect of a hall chest provides additional places to hold and hide important (or non-important) things that could otherwise clutter the entry or hallway.

Let’s face it, raising a family means clutter. Everywhere.

Signature Design by Ashley New Haven Hall Chest from Carolina Rustica
The Signature Design by Ashley New Haven Hall Chest from Carolina Rustica makes the perfect addition to any home.

Regular Price $889.00

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Any piece of furniture that helps add to the overall design of a home, while helping to minimize the visual impact of clutter gets a huge Thumbs Up! from me.

Hall Chests can hold everyday items that are needed by the front hallway or entrance, such as hats, gloves, scarves. Imagine not having to search the house for that big, woolly scarf on the first really cold day of winter. How amazing would that be?

But they can also store everyday household items, including light bulbs and batteries. Another great thing about unique hall chests is that they tend to be placed in central locations. This includes the front entryway or at the top of the stairs, and therefore are easy to access when these items are needed.

Unique Hall Chests — AKA Junk Drawers With Style!

As much as we may all vow that we will never, ever, ever let ourselves accumulate the typical junk drawer, it’s going to happen. But if it’s going to happen, let it happen with STYLE!

But try – as hard as you possibly can – to minimize the number of junk drawers within your hall chest to just one. And don’t make it the top drawer… as that should be the one that you access the most frequently.

Picking the right Hall Chest

Hooker Furniture Adagio Red Bombe Chest
Grand scale, classic design and soft, flowing shapes are married with a rich, dark finish. Together, they create this stunning Adagio hall chest.

Regular Price $1,299.00

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Selecting a chest for use in a hallway is slightly different than picking a dresser or chest for the bedroom. Because of the amount of foot traffic that passes by, size becomes a very important factor.

There is no rule that you cannot interchange a bedroom dresser and a hall chest. They are often the exact same piece of furniture, but used differently. We do, however, see unique hall chests that are thinner than your typical bedroom dresser. This is important if space is at a premium.

Height, depth, and width are all important things to consider with a hall chest, as you need to make sure that the piece you choose won’t overwhelm the space you’re putting it in. At the same time, make sure that it provides the visual impact and the functionality that you need.

Drawers vs Doors?

Unique hall chests usually come with a set of drawers, often in varying sizes. These are perfect for housing smaller items, such as keys or loose change. Bulkier items, such as wool scarves, can be stored in the larger drawers.

However, hall chests can also be crafted with a mix of drawers and doors, which provides additional variety and storage options.

In reality, it all comes down to where you’re putting it and what you want to put in it.

If you want to store a mix of smaller things, drawers are usually your best option. If you want to store some larger items (such as winter boots during the off season), then doors would be far more practical.

Final Tip – Look for Quality Construction

Hooker Grandover Two-Tone Hall Chest
The striking, two-tone finish of exotic elegance combines hardwood solids with Golden Madrone Burl, Walnut, Cherry, Maple and Birch veneers. These are bordered by black handpainting and subtle, handrubbed gold accents  which creates an aged look.

Regular Price $1,299.00

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There are two very key reasons why the quality of the construction of a hall chest is very important.

ONE…. This piece will be seen by practically EVERYONE! 

Hall chests tend to be in the front hall. There’s no rule that you can’t put one elsewhere, but – unlike bedroom dressers – they are not tucked away behind doors that can easily be closed. Therefore, you should choose something that will enhance the beauty of your home.

TWO…. This piece will get a LOT of use! 

Hall chests tend to be used by the entire family for one purpose or another. Thus, they tend to get a bit more abuse than your typical bedroom dresser. You’ll need something that can withstand the test of time. That way, it can continue to provide the form and function you wanted from it when you bought it.

Whatever you choose, we hope you will find as much elegance and usefulness as I have found with my very own, unique hall chest.

Happy Hall Chest Hunting!

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Beauty and Practicality Come Together with Unique Hall Chests  Beauty and Practicality Come Together with Unique Hall Chests  Beauty and Practicality Come Together with Unique Hall Chests  Beauty and Practicality Come Together with Unique Hall Chests

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