The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Moving Day!!!

The BIG day has officially arrived, and it’s time to move into your new home. If you’ve handled the earlier stages of this moving checklist, today should still be incredibly exhausting but – hopefully – far less stressful.

Make sure to do a quick walk-through before they close up the truck, looking for large or heavy items that will be difficult to move without the truck around.

You can (and should) do a more thorough walk-through before giving up the keys.

Set an alarm Get up early to handle last minute stuff
Remind friends/family/helpers Text everyone who volunteered to help to remind them
Protect your floors Put down mats (movers will do this for you)
Help but don’t hinder Hired movers? Help guide but don’t get in their way
Valuable / important items Keep these in the car or the rental truck cab
“I Will Move This” items Use your helpers to put these into personal vehicles
Fill the shelf If your box truck has a ledge, fill it with boxes
Load heaviest items Appliances should go in the front of the box truck
Load mattresses & box springs Strap mattresses to the left side of the truck
Open furniture Desks & tables in the middle with heavy boxes under
Sofas / couches Load on the opposite side of your mattresses
Heavy boxes Load in the center of the back of the truck
Small boxes, etc. Place smaller items behind and around your other items
Strap it all down Use straps and moving pads to keep things from shifting
Take pictures of your new home Before you move in, create a record of how it looked
Take food / beverage breaks Between the move out and the move in
Protect your new floors Put down mats (movers will do this for you)
Assign a guide To direct what goes where in your new home
Keep paths clear Do not put boxes in high traffic areas
Double-check placement Make sure large items are in the right room/area
Tip your movers $4-$5/hour per mover, if they did an awesome job
Order food / beverages To thank your helpers
Check your connections Make sure your utilities, Internet, etc. are working
Set up beds So that there is a place to sleep after a long, hard day
Unpack the coffee maker You’re going to need this!
Unpack main bathroom essentials Get shower & toiletries ready so you can feel human
Change the locks You never know who has keys to your new home
Make copies of your keys Do this IMMEDIATELY before you lose your only set

QUICK TIP: Take your existing locks (and the keys) to the local hardware or home improvement store and they can change the locks for FAR less than it would cost to hire a locksmith.

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