The Ultimate Moving Checklist

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Packing Up Your Home

How furiously you need to pack depends on how long you have before you move, but try not to leave it to the last minute and end up panic-packing, as you will regret that after the move.

Our moving checklist assumes that you have a reasonable amount of time to pack, but if you have to pack in a hurry… just accelerate your progress through the list.

Even if your current home is on the market, you can still pack. Just stack boxes neatly in one corner of the room but try to keep them out of line of site from the front door.

And keep in mind that not everything needs to be “packed”. For most local moves, you can leave the clothing in the dresser drawers. This will also help reduce wasted space inside the moving truck.

However, you should pack up any small, loose, or valuable items that could get lost if the dresser drawer tipped over during the move.

Create an inventory list To track each box and its contents
Number your boxes You’ll know how many you have if one goes missing
Set up a packing supplies station Keep all your supplies in one place
Create donate pile(s) Moving is a great opportunity to purge, purge, purge
Pack other belongings Gym locker? Safety deposit box? Etc.
Create “Unpack First” Boxes One for each key room – Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedrooms
Create “I Will Move This” area Put things you will bring by yourself in this space
Separate hazardous items Some things need special handling
Pack off-season items Get these packed up an out of the way
Pack collectables & knick-knacks You’ll be fine without these for a few weeks
Pack guest room(s) Unless you are expecting company before the move
Pack storage room(s) And purge as much as possible while doing so
Pack cold cellar/pantry Keep a few essentials, if you must
Pack china cabinet You won’t be needing those fancy plates right now
Pack family photos Photo albums & framed photos can all be packed early
Pack books & movies You can live without these while you’re moving
Pack any “Collections” Be it comic books or stamps, pack ‘em now!
Pack decor accents Organize these by color or category, not room
Pack linen closet Use these items as padding while you’re packing
Pack yard/shed Keep a couple of essentials to do yard cleanup
Pack files & records Put these in the “I Will Move This” area
Pack dishes Dishes should be packed vertically (like vinyl albums)
Pack a suitcase Enough to get each person through the first few days
Balance the weight Light items in larger boxes, heavy items in smaller boxes
Wrap hanging clothes Keep on the hangers and cover with garment/trash bag
Pack room-by-room Tackle what’s left, one room at a time
Defrost the freezerNobody wants to move a block of ice
Washer & DryerIf moving them, disconnect and drain the washer
Disassemble beds the night before Sleep on just the box spring and mattress for one night
Keep older towels and sheets out These can be used to wrap and protect furniture

QUICK TIP: Label boxes on the top and 2 sides, so that you can easily see what’s in the box while you’re carrying it or if it’s buried in a pile of boxes.

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